Monday, July 2, 2012

Mailbox Monday ~ July 2nd

Welcome to Mailbox Monday, a weekly meme originally created and hosted by Marcia of A girl and her books and hosted in July by Jennifer at Mrs. Q: Book Addict. Below are the titles I received for review, purchased, or otherwise obtained over the course of the past week.

Have Mother Will Travel by Mia and Claire Fontaine (from William Morrow Publishers for review)
A mother, a daughter, and a life-changing adventure around the world . . .

Their bestselling memoir, "Come Back," moved and inspired readers with the story of Mia Fontaine's harrowing drug addiction and her mother, Claire's, desperate and ultimately successful attempts to save her. Now it's a decade later and Claire and Mia each face a defining moment in her life, and a mother-daughter relationship that has frayed around the edges. At fifty-one, Claire's shed her identity as Mia's savior but realizes that, oops, she forgot to plan for life after motherhood; Mia, twenty-five and eager to step outside her role as recovery's poster child, finds adult life isn't all it's cracked up to be. Determined to transform themselves and their relationship once again, the pair sets off on a five-month around-the-world adventure.

What awaits them is an extraordinary, often hilarious journey through twenty cities and twelve countries--one that includes mishaps, mayhem, and unexpected joys, from a passport-eating elephant to a calamitous camel ride around the Pyramids--and finally making peace with their tumultuous past in the lavender fields of France, where they live for the last four months of the trip. Seeing how self-possessed and community-minded twenty-somethings are in other countries broadens Mia's perspective, helping her grow, and grow up. Claire uses the trip to examine her broken relationship with her own mother, a Holocaust survivor, and to create a vision for her second act. Watching her mom assess half a century of life, Mia comes to know her as Claire has always known Mia--as all mothers know their daughters--better than anyone else, and often better than themselves.

Wiser for what they've learned from women in other cultures, and from each other, they return with a deepened sense of who they are and where they want to go--and with each embracing the mature friendship they've discovered and the profound love they share.

Alternating between Claire and Mia's compelling and distinct voices, "Have Mother, Will Travel" is a testament to the power and beauty of the mother-daughter relationship, one that illuminates possibilities for our own lives.

Some Kind of Peace by Camilla Grebe and Asa Traff  (from Lauren at Free Press for review)
"It seems so idyllic. But something is out of place. In the neatly raked gravel parking area is a dazzlingly clean black Jeep. The paint of the Jeep reflects a clematis with large pure white blossoms climbing up a knotted old apple tree. Someone is lying under the low trunk and crooked branches of the tree. A young woman, a girl. . . ."Siri Bergman is a thirty-four-year-old psychologist who works in central Stockholm and lives alone in an isolated cottage out of the city. She has a troublesome secret in her past and has been trying to move on with her life. Terrified of the dark, she leaves all the lights on when she goes to bed--having a few glasses of wine each night to calm her nerves--but she can't shake the feeling that someone is watching her through the blackened windows at night.

When the lifeless body of Sara Matteus--a young patient of Siri's with a history of drug addiction and sexual abuse--is found floating in the water near the cottage, Siri can no longer deny that someone is out there, watching her and waiting. When her beloved cat goes missing and she receives a photo of herself from a stalker, it becomes clear that Siri is next. Luckily, she can rely on Markus, the young policeman investigating Sara's death; Vijay, an old friend and psychology professor; and Aina, her best friend. Together, they set about profiling Siri's aspiring murderer, hoping to catch him before he kills again.

But as their investigation unfolds, Siri's past and present start to merge and disintegrate so that virtually everyone in her inner circle becomes a potential suspect. With the suspense building toward a dramatic conclusion as surprising as it is horrifying, Siri is forced to relive and reexamine her anguished past, and finally to achieve some kind of peace


  1. Both of these books sound great to me...and I also love the covers!

  2. tbr just got bigger. I added both these books to the list. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great week and if you are in the heat wave, try to stay cool. It is quite hot here in New England.

  3. They both sound like captivating reads, enjoy!

  4. I love memoirs, so Have Mother, Will Travel looks good to me. Enjoy!!

  5. Some Kind of Peace sounds like a great one! I can't wait to read your thoughts on it, Amy.

    I am not a big memoir reader, although occasionally I do read one and have enjoyed most that I've read. This one sounds like a good one, one I can really appreciate as a mother to a daughter--and as a daughter myself.

  6. I will also be reading Some Kind of Peace soon, and we will have to compare notes. It sounds like an excellent book, and I am eager to get started with it. I also like the sound of that memoir! Great stuff you got there!

  7. Some Kind of Peace sounds pretty interesting to me. Enjoy your new books!

  8. We must be on the same list Amy with Some Kind of Peace:) enjoy

  9. Looks like you have two good ones to look forward to. Enjoy!