Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Movies: Prison Theme!

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Today's theme from The Bumbles is prison movies! Prison movies are movies that involve jail time for the main characters or the escape from jail! The Bumbles are very adamant about one thing in particular: NO SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION ALLOWED! So what's that all about...Sandy?!!
If you want to join in, list your choices of prison movies on your blog and then be sure to link your blog to
The Bumbles Blog. If you don't have a blog, list your choices in the comment section of The Bumbles Movie post!

The Longest Yard (1974) - Starring Burt Reynolds

The Great Escape (1963)

The Green Mile (1999)

The Rock (1996) Starring Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage and Ed Harris

The Fugitive (1993)

Capote (2005)

Kelly's Heroes (1970)

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

In Cold Blood (

Life is Beautiful (1997) Although the characters aren't technically in a prison, internment a Nazi concentration camp is certainly a prison in my opinion.

Escape from Devil's Island (1935)


  1. The Rock! Another isolated jail -- and with Nicholas cage and all :))

    I kept thinking of In Cold Blood too! I guess the prison images in that picture are quite impressionable, definitely more than the investigation and maybe even more than the actual murder!

  2. What a great list. To this list I would add Cool Hand Luke. I just watched it this past weekend and forgot what a great job Paul Newman did in the movie.

  3. I watched Cool Hand Luke too! Gotta know why Shawshank was not allowed.

  4. Oh, Capote and In Cold Blood are both great picks for this!

  5. Hi Amy! Thanks for visiting my blog. =)

    How can I forget Life is Beautiful! =)

  6. Oooh, I didn't think of The Fugitive! And I briefly wondered if I should include Capote. I loved that movie.

    See, it is my fault that we couldn't use Shawshank. I basically have beaten that horse to death on the Monday Movie Memes. I use that movie on at least half of the themes, because it has a thousand things going for it and is one of my all-time favorites. Guess they didn't want to see it again!

  7. Green Mile is so wonderful as is Cool Hand Luke but I can't say that I can think of anything to add to the list. I'd say I'm not a big fan of prison movies but Green Mile is one of my fav movies as is Shawshank.

  8. Shawshank was not allowed because it would have been 1st on everyone's list - including ours - and I wanted to discover some other movies. So there :p

    I had The Fugitive on our list initially but replaced it with My Cousin Vinny to add some humor to the dismal prison life. I thought of In Cold Blood too - glad to see you included it.

    I watched Cool Hand Luke this weekend too - the inspiration for this week's topic!

  9. These are all great choices. I've seen almost all of them!