Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wondrous Words Wednesday!

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Bermudaonion's Weblog where we share new (to us) words that we’ve encountered in our reading. Feel free to join in the fun (please do!) Be sure to leave a link to your post over at Bermudaonion's Weblog!

All of these words come from One Day by David Nicholls.

The C-major scale of the amateur stand-up, this is the routine that had the potential to be infinite, and Emma found herself trying to imagine a notional man, a fantastical figure who didn't make a big deal about it, just looked at the wine list and ordered, unpretentiously but with authority.

1. Notional -adj.
1. not real or actual; ideal or imaginary
2. abstract, theoretical, or speculative, as reflective thought.

When it happens, if it happens, she will adore the child, remark on its tiny hands and even the smell of its scrofulous little head.

2. Scrofulous -adj.
1. of, relating to or affected with scrofula: swelling of the lymph nodes of the neck
2. Having a diseased, rundown appearance
3. morally contaminated

Energised now he quarries deeper through the geological layers of the CDs that represent 10 years of fashion, picking out the occasional disc, stacking them up in a pile on the floor, warming to his plan.

3. Quarry -verb
1. to dig or take from as if from a quarry
2. to make a quarry in; to delve in

Over time she had hoped to get this down to forty percent, forty being a workable allowance, but nearly two years later the figure stood at seventy-five, and domestic life continued against the tinnitus of mirth.

4. Tinnitus -noun
1. a ringing or similar sensation of sound in the ears.


  1. Those are great words. The only one I knew was tinnitus and that's only because my mother suffers from it. Thanks for participating!

  2. Kathy: Thank you! I love this meme of yours! It encourages me to look up the words I jot down while reading! I have little papers in every book with words listed on them but often times I forgot to look them up! Not anymore!

  3. KathyA: I looked scrofulous up in 3 different dictionaries and on Google and in Wikpedia and all said the same thing. I don't really understand it in the sentence it's used in in One Day. Oh well, maybe it's a little different in Britain!