Sunday, April 22, 2012

~ Sunday Salon: Reading and Relaxing ! ~

Today, so far, has been a wonderfully lazy-ish day but with quite a lot of reading! My favorite kind of day! Today’s been especially nice because I’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks and I'm finally feeling a little better today. It started with bad allergies in reaction to the warm weather. I have always had allergies but nothing like how they’ve been this Spring. Blech! Then I developed a cold and sinus infection. Hate both those things. On top of it all. I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain in one hip and thigh and my lower right arm. I keep expecting to wake up and have the pain gone but so far that hasn’t happened. During the worst of the pain I’ve been able to distract myself well enough with a couple of light books. Today I was able to focus on something heavier - yay!

The cats are loving this day and the bad weather, so night they'll go a little stir crazy! Most of the cats like to be able to go outside for a little while but because of the rain they sit on the window sill and just watch. Only Magoo and his shadow, little Lucky...go out in the rain without pausing. It's as if it's nice and sunny out. Almost everytime Magoo goes out in the rain, when he comes inside he wants to sit in on my lap. When he gets up after a while, I have kitty-cat footrpints all over my upper legs. So cute! 

I finally started making some boards on Pinterest.  At first I found it a little frustrating but once I got the hang of it, it became addicting! And fun!  Of course, instead of continuing to improve my blog I spent too much time on Pinterest! But it was fun! I’m still working on understanding SEO and writing a post about it. I’m hoping to finish this weekend. I got stuck on title tags - it took me some time to figure them out but I think I have (fingers crossed!)

In addition to reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo and The Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers I’ve been watching a great movie, The Visitor with Richard Jenkins and Hiam Abbass. I’ve seen it before but I always like to watch it when it‘s on tv. It’s happy and sad and so much more!

What are you reading and doing this Sunday?
Enjoy the rest of your day, Read something great!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm on Pinterest too but have tried not to spend too much time there since it is so addictive.

  2. Allergies have been awful; glad u r starting to feel better. Afraid to get into Pinterest as I don't have enough time now...LOL

  3. Pinterest..a time sink that just takes away from reading! ;-)

  4. Behind the Beautiful Forevers is on my TBR shelf! Hope to see what your comments are on the book.

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better, Amy. Have been avoiding Pinterest, but may cave in soon. Hope you're enjoying Behind the Beautiful Forevers. I'm still bummed I had to send it back to the library unread.

  6. Pinterest can be a very useful tool, but every time I go there I spend a good chunk of time re-pinning stuff.

    I am still trying to catch-up with my reviews. I fear it will never happen if I continue to read at the pace that I've been reading at.

  7. Allergies are supposed to be very bad this year. And I continue to avoid Pinterest!