Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Movies ~ Feeling Bookish!

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Molly and several other quirky girls have joined together and formed a group book blog, Quirky Girls Read. This coming Friday, 3/18. the Bumble Town Chat will host a meet & great of Molly's new group blog. So, in honor of book blogging, today's topic is about movies that feature books, reading, librarians, bookstores and anything else book-related. Share on your blog some of your favorite bookish flicks, linking your post back to The Bumbles Blog. If you don't have a blog, list your choices in the comment section of The Bumbles Movie post!

The Princess Bride (1987) The grandfather (Peter Falk) of a sick boy (Fred Savage) reads him a classic fairytale complete with a beautiful princess kidnapped by outlaws, a dreaded pirate, an evil prince, a six-fingered man, swordplay, dueling plenty of adventure, fantasy, romance and laughs!

The Neverending Story (1980) A young boy, Bastian (Barrett Oliver) is tormented by bullies on a daily basis. One day he ducks into an old bookshop. He asks the proprieter about an ancient storybook & is told it isn't "safe". Nevertheless, Bastian "borrows" the story book and, hidden away in his attic, he retreats into the mythical land of Fantasia which is being threatened by a mystical force and needs a hero to save it from destruction.

Stranger Than Fiction (2006) Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) is your typical, monotonous IRS agent. And then one day, Harold hears a voice inside his head narrating the "story" of his life, telling everything he does as he does it! The voice is familiar to him and, eventually he realizes it's the voice of a well-known author, Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson) whom he recently saw on TV. When Harold doesn't like part of his life story, he goes in search of Karen Eiffel and discovers she is suffering from writer's block.

Paperback Romance
(1997) In this Australian film, Sophie (Gia Carides) an author of racy romance novels, is working on her most recent book in the library, reading bits of it aloud. She discovers Eddie (Anthony LaPaglia) eavesdropping. Sophie believes he's the man of her dreams but her one paralyzed leg, from polio as a child, stops her from pursuing Eddie. Then Sophie breaks her leg & decides to use this to her advantage. But in this charming, quirky comedy she's not the only one hiding something!

The Answer Man
(2009) Arlen Faber (Jeff Daniles) is the odd, reclusive author of a best-selling, spiritual self-help book, "Me and God". Everyone wants to meet Arlen. Arlen doesn't want to meet anyone. Arlen becomes smitten with a single mother, Elizabeth, (Lauren Graham) of a young boy who unwittingly forces Arlen to confront his past and come to realizations. At the same time Arlen also begins to give advice to a troubled bookstore owner who tracks him down.


  1. Stranger than Fiction is an excellent pick. That one completely skipped my mind!

  2. This is a really great list! I love the movies that you chose, especially The Neverending Story and Stranger Than Fiction. Bravo!

  3. Kudos for highlighting part of what makes Princess Bride so special -- it gave a lonely little boy an escape from his sickbed, the way a good book can be depended upon to do.

  4. Stranger Than Fiction was the first movie I thought of. Great minds... :)

  5. stranger than Fiction is a good one. i was disappointed in it to an extent but only because it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. It was still good though. Mine is at

  6. I can't believe it, but I've never seen any of those movies.

  7. I love The Neverending Story. Your post has given me such a nice reminder of it.