Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Salon - Blogging Cats!?!

I had no idea we turned the clocks ahead last night until a few hours before I went to bed. I would have figured it out at some point when I realized the time on the cable-box (re-sets itself) and the coffee maker (I have to manually re-set the time) were different. It might have taken a few days! (just joking...I hope!). Fortunately, when I was on twitter yesterday someone, I think it was Sarah Dessen, tweeted to move the time ahead an hour last night. Thank you Sarah! I'm looking forward to more light later in the evening and warmer days. Spring is coming!

I visited Twitter yesterday and the day before trying to figure it out, understand it a little bit better. Up until now I've only really used it to tweet about giveaways on book blogs. Am I supposed to just tweet anything I feel like? Or should it be something mildly important? Should I be tweeting to anyone in particular or just to everyone and see if someone replies? It seems so strange to me, this twitter thing. Bit it also seems like the whole rest of the world gets it except me, grandma Amy. The thing is I'm barely 40! So I figured since I didn't do too well when I tried to get a handle on Facebook, I decided to try clueing in to Twitter! Baby steps!

I'm creating a blog for the cats. A place to tell all of their stories and some of their "exciting" daily adventures! I've been neglecting them a little bit on my blog and cats like all the attention focused on them! A separate blog will also be a good place to highlight the rescue of homeless and stray cats (and dogs) from the streets....getting them medical attention, finding them homes, etc.. I hear and read about many different organizations, large and small, that take care of rescue animals and I'd like to write about them and the amazing work they do. Besides, some of the cats, like Bob and Sadie, want more of their pictures posted!

Today I'm going to try to finish Picking Bones from the Ash by Marie Mutsuki Mockett. I might also start Strange Relation by Rachel Hadas.
What are you reading or doing with your Sunday?!


  1. Hi Amy! I really look forward to your cat blog! I would love to see more about all your sweet kitties. They are so lucky to have you. :)

    Today I will be photographing new work to add to my shop and then I plan to work in my studio making more bags. It will be nice here today so I am tempted to take a bike ride to the beach.

    The last book I read was about parasites and bacteria (required reading-a long story) I think your reading material is much more enjoyable. Have a great Sunday and enjoy the extra evening light today. I know I will!

  2. I look forward to reading your cats' stories!!

    It's a partly sunny day here -- doing laundry to get ready for our trip, watering inside plants. We'll even plant two roses today. I'm starting a David Baldacci book, too -- to decide if I want to take it on the plane with me. I'm excited about the extra evening light, too.

  3. Oh, thanks for the heads up on the time change! How did this happen? Isn't it usually in April? Anyway, I had to walk away from your post to change all the clocks that have to be done manually...GRRRR. Times like these I have to wonder about all the quirky clocks that I collect! LOL

    I only get the Sunday newspaper, so I didn't even get a heads-up there.

    BTW...for cat moments, have you ever tried participating in Cat Thursday? It's fun...and hosted by Michelle, at The True Book Addict (

    Enjoyed your post...


  4. Twitter seems pretty fluid to me - you can tweet anything or respond to whatever strikes you. It can be a bit strange and I'm not on every day, but it can also be fun. How do I find you on twitter? I'm lakesidemusing.

  5. Amy... don't feel bad I got totally confused by Twitter as well, and I don't like FBook.

    I'm happy you are doing a cat blog. I follow several pet blogs and this one is a favorite...

    it's about Brian (the cat and his 4 brothers and sisters) be sure to send me a link when you have it ready; thanks

  6. I am more active with Facebook than Twitter. I do more lurking on Twitter than anything, because by the time I see a conversation I want to add to, it is long gone! I love the idea of a cat blog, they are always up to something, and you are so active in helping them. Just one more thing on your to-do list, huh?

  7. I also don't participate on twitter too much, as I never know what to say! I do lurk a lot though and I never, never post on Facebook, unless it's liking or commenting on someone's posts.

    I will be looking forward to your cat blog and all the cat and dog stories to come!

  8. I'm new to Twitter myself and still trying to get my hands and head around it all. I'll look forward to any updates you share about your discoveries.