Tuesday, January 28, 2014

~ ~ First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros ~ ~

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros is a weekly meme hosted by Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea every Tuesday.  Participants share the opening paragraph or two of a book we’ve decided to read based on that paragraph. I read this author’s first book.  It was terrific so, when I had a chance to get an ARC of his second book, I did.  It sounds mesmerizing and I cannot wait to read it. 

Don't forget to drop by Bibliophile By the Sea to read Diane's selection this week and to see who else is participating. You'll probably get some good book titles, too!

This Dark Road to Mercy
Wiley Cash 

       Chapter 1 - Easter Quillby 
Wade disappeared on us when I was six years old, and then he showed up out of nowhere the year I turned twelve. By then I’d spent half my life listening to Mom blame him for everything from the lights getting turned off to me and Ruby not having new shoes to wear to school, and by the time he came back I’d already decided that he was the loser she’d always said he was. But it turns out he was much more than that. He was also a thief, and if I’d known what kind of people were looking for him I never would’ve let him take me and my little sister out of Gastonia, North Carolina, in the first place.
My earliest memories of Wade are from my mom taking me to the baseball stadium at Sims Field back before she died. She’d point to the field and say, “There’s your daddy right there.” I wasn’t any older than three or four, but I can still remember staring out at the infield where all the men looked the exact same in their uniforms, wondering how I would ever spot my daddy at a baseball game if he looked just like everybody else.

What do you think?  Would you keep reading?


  1. I've been really curious about this one since I first heard about it. I would keep reading.

  2. I like the narrative voice, so would keep reading. I've been meaning to read Wiley Cash. Hope you're enjoying it, Amy!

  3. Yes, I would keep reading. I enjoyed his debut novel and look forward to this one.

  4. I like the sound of this Amy and do want to read it. enjoy. Thanks so much for joining us. Hope you become a regular weekly participant.

  5. It's hard to tell because I would read it no matter what because it is Wiley Cash! (And in fact, both my husband and I read this book and both loved it - he more than I, because he doesn't mind "dark" in books as much!)

  6. hmm no its not for me this one,xx Rachel

  7. It does sound interesting. Gastonia is about an hour from us.