Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Movies: What, Where, Uh ???

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Remembering those embarassing things you've done or said or those moments you wished the floor would open up and swallow you whole? Times we'd all love to completely forget! Forgetting is a common theme in film and can make for some very entertaining movies! Memory Loss, Hypnosis, Spells, Forgetfulness... Share on your blog unforgettable movies with characters who forgetLink your post back to The Bumbles Blog. If you don't have a blog, list your choices in the comment section of The Bumbles Movie post!

Memento (2001) Starring Guy Pearce, Carrie-Ann Moss and Joe Pantoliano. A man's wife was raped and killed in their home and he was knocked out trying to help her. When he awakes, he has lost his memory and doesn't remember who broke into their home and killed his wife. But he is determined to find the killer. He starts investigating and, in order to remember what he finds out during the investigation, he takes pictures and he writes notes on his body

Mulholland Drive (2001) A psychological thriller written and directed by David Lynch and starring Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring and Justin Therousx. A young woman, Betty, who hopes to be an actress, moves to Los Angeles to stay in her aunt's apartment. She discovers a young woman suffering from amnesia in the apartment. The story goes on from there, sometimes making sense and sometimes becoming quite surreal, almost making thew viewer feel as if they have a touch of amnesia!.

Regarding Henry (1991) Written by JJ Abrams and directed by Mike Nichols. Harrison Ford plays an ambitious, narcissistic, sometimes obnoxious and thoughtless attorney whose life centers around his work so much so that he has little time for his wife and young daughter. One night he runs out to the corner store for cigarettes and is shot twice during a robbery. He suffers brain damage, in addition to other severe injuries and, at first, cannot walk, talk or remember anything. His recovery his slow, painful and frustrating. Eventually he discovers that he wasn't a very good or nice person.

Paycheck (2003) An adaptation of a Sci-Fi short story by Philip K. Dick starring Bem Affleck, Uma Thurman and Aaron Eckhart. Ben Affleck plays Michael Jennings, a man who analyzes clients' competitor's products and creates new versions that are much better and well beyond anything imaginable. After each job, his memory is completely erased of that job to ensure he cannot be traced back to the reverse engineering effort thereby guaranteeing his client's intellectual property. But wiping clean memory technology is dangerous to the person's brain because it cooks your brain! Jenning takes a job with an old college roommate that will take 3 years because he thinks he will make a lot of money. All his other jobs have lasted no more than 2 months because the memory technology doesn't go that far into the past. They use a different method for memory erasing because a scanner would cook his brain and is too dangerous. They inject a chemical into Jennings instead but it's not 100% gauranteed. And Jennings discovers 3 years later when he "wakes up" that he's been scammed.

Men in Black (1997) A Sci-Fi action/comedy starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent D'Onofrio and Linda Fiorentino. Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) is part of an organization, MIB, that regulates and monitors alien activity on earth. It's a secret organization that only its members know about. In fact, when an agent leaves the MIB his memory of the work he has done and his time there is completely erased and he receives a totally new identity. Will Smith (Agent J), a member of the NYPD, is recruited by Tommy Lee Jones' character to help him in finding and stopping "Bug" an alien who is threatening the existence of Earth. If he isn't stopped and killed, the Earth will be destroyed. During the course of their investigation, as they question people about what they have seen or heard, because no one can have knowledge of their existence, the two men have a handy little device, a "Neuralyzers" which they shine in people's faces completely erasing their memories of what they have seen and replacing them with more mundane explanations. Some days 'd love to have that device!


  1. I love and enjoy Regarding Henry; I remember watching it as a child, and have always loved it!! Intriguing choices :))

  2. Memento made both of our lists this week. Great theme, eh? I saw Regarding Henry but can't remember much about it. ;)

  3. I had Memento and Mulholland Drive as well. Both awesome and very strange movies!

  4. You've reminded me of some good movies that I forgot!

  5. The only one of those movies I've seen is Men in Black and it's perfect for this question.

  6. I've seen two of these movies (Henry & MIB).

  7. LINDSEY: Thank you! I really like Regarding Henry and watch it every once in a while!

    LEE: Memento is a movie I watches a few times just to be sure I caught everything! I wonder what it was like to film!

    SANDY: Good taste & great choices. David Lynch usually makes weird, good movies!

    KATHLEEN: Oh Good! That's what I love about this meme, recalling movies I haven't thought about in a long time!

  8. BERMUDAONION: MIB is such an entertaining, amusing me. I love the concept of the Neurolyzer! lol

    NISE": Good ones!

  9. A good mix in your choices! Regarding Henry is one of my faves!

  10. I'm soooo glad you put MIB on your list. I thought of it this morning after our post was already up and kicked myself - I love that movie! So silly and creative and fun.

  11. I think one of my all time favorites -- now, don't laugh, is RUDY. I just love the message.