Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bloggiests: Finish Line!

My List from the Start of Bloggiesta:

1. Make changes to sidebar
2. Link up with Twitter, Facebook etc.
3. Find out how to list social media icons on sidebar
4. List books read and/or by Title and Author
5. Figure out how to list above on a separate page attached to my blog
6. How to make additional blog pages
7. Find out what the above is actually called! (Maybe page tabs?!)
8. Clean up Google Reader
9. Clean up labels
10. Update Goodreads account
11. Reduce review backlog
12. Learn to write better and shorter reviews and write them faster!
13. Comment, comment, comment!
14. How to add a video to a posts
15. How to add an audio excerpt to a post
16. Pintrest
17. SEO - what is it, how to use it!

I was able to get a lot of the items on my list accomplished this weekend!
**I wrote a few reviews usung some of the tips from Bloggiesta
**I commented on several blogs yesterday amd Friday but didn't manage commenting today.
**I spent several hours reading up on SEO today on April’s blog, Good Books and Good Wine and trying it out on one of my old reviews. It’s a lot of info but not too difficult. I also found the article Biz Ladies:SEO Cheat Sheet at Design Sponge which Natasha from Maw Books tweeted about very helpful. I’m going to write a post over the next few days about it, as much to organize my thoughts and what I’ve read and to share what I’ve learned especially for the Bloggers who requested it.
**I did some work on my Sidebar and have started posting the blogs I like to visit. I think I might want to post just the blog name without the most current post and date.
**I learned how to link my blog to Twitter and Facebook and to post social media icons on my sidebar for my visitors to follow. The latter took me quite a while. For some reason I couldn’t follow all of the steps on the Lisa’s blog Adventures of 2.0  about the social media icons. I think I was missing a couple of steps or something. I was getting too frustrated so I did a search and discovered a blog with some steps that I managed to follow...and it worked! (I cannot find the blog name right now but will update with it when I do!)
**I learned how to create themed pages from Charlotte at Charlotte’s Library so I was able to make a blog page listing the books I’ve read so far this year. I need to alphabetize it still but I’m pretty excited about this! I’m going to make a list of reviews and probably a list of my favorite books from last year.
**I learned how to post a “Like” Facebook button on my posts in a mini-challenge at Liza’s blog Sockets and Lightbulb to help promote my blog on Facebook

I also read the posts at some other blogs hosting mini-challenges although I didn’t participate in the mini-challenge. I found all of the info very helpful!
 **Pam, Posted about The Top Ten of HTML Basics
**Jessica of The Bluestocking Society wrote a great post about Five Ways to Make Your Reviews Stand Out
**Melanie from Melanie’s Musing’s had very helpful Five Tips to Write Reviews Faster

I'm edited this post because I want to say a big Thank you to Suey and Danielle from organizing Bloggiesta!  You did a fantastic job!


  1. Very impressive!! And I'm glad you're going to write about the SEO stuff. I'm looking forward to that. I think I need to check out some of the links you shared too on writing reviews. I feel stuck in a rut lately.

  2. You made some great progress this weekend Amy. I just joined Twitter recently. Joined it once before but then deactivated my account, but seem to enjoy it a bit more this time around...LOL

    Have a great week.

  3. You got quite a bit accomplished. I did not get to SEO and still want to find what that is all about!

  4. You got a lot done! Can't wait to read what you learned about SEO. I did not even know what it stood for the other night when everyone on Twitter started talking about it. I know that much now but nothing more so I'm planning to learn from you!

  5. Looks like you did a lot and learned a lot! Very nice. Are you planning to put links (to reviews) in your 2012 reading tab/page? I updated mine and it took me ages. :-)

  6. I wish I'd been able to participate this year. My blog really needs some work.
    Looks like all of your hard work is already paying off!