Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, Sunday...

Happy Sunday!  It's terrific it's a beautiful, sunny day, great for football and US Open Tennis! I hope you're enjoying the day!

My plans to spend most of my free time in the book blog arena this past week were thwarted by a hideous computer virus called Live Security Platinum. Ugh! It was a rogue software virus which took a good 4 days to fully and completely rid from the computer. I think it infected my computer when my Facebook page was hacked. I’m not entirely sure that’s how it got in. I am sure I spent entirely too much time frustrated by it!  It was a huge relief when we knew it was gone for good. Now it’s a matter of beefing up security and anti-virus software, trying to guarantee, as much as possible, it doesn’t happen again.

I read a considerable amount this week since it’s one of the best way to calm my mind and soul after fighting the virus. Unfortunately, I seem to have buried myself in review books, again, despite my intentions not too. At least I still want to read most of the review books now that it’s come time too! I’m reading the true crime book The Wilderness of Error by Errol Morris which is fascinating. I am about 100 pages in to Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue. His writing is brilliant and the characters are intriguing, so far. I just started The Bookie’s Son by Andrew Goldstein which I have no doubt will be good.  And, last but not least,  I’m loving IT by Stephen King. I’d forgotten what a terrific story-teller he is, creative, detailed and thrilling! I'm so glad I joined this readalong!
The one other wonderful, delightful distraction from all that’s frustrating and painful is the cats, especially the kitten, Owen. He’s full of energy and lots of fun as well as mushy, loving and cuddly. He’s an ideal cat!  I'll have more photos soon, just need to download them!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Happy Reading!


  1. Ugh, what a pain! I lost a hard drive recently because of a virus. I hope this week is better for you.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by The Bookie's Son - felt I had really taken a chance w/ that one that paid off. I've been looking forward to Telegraph Avenue; I've found Chabon's books to be brilliant and I'm glad to hear this one lives up to that. Owen is adorable! Did I tell you that I have my son's two cats living with us now? They are causing me some allergy problems but not as bad as I had expected and I'm becoming so attached to them! Now I know why you can't ever pass up taking one in.

  3. Owen is a cutie. I need to get that Chabon book. The weather was perfect. : )

  4. Oh no not a virus? Always so afraid of that. Owen is adorable Amy -- glad he brings you many smiles.

  5. Oh, that's terrible, Amy! Computer viruses are terribly frustrating. At least you got some good reading in even if it was less blogging.
    I've been able to attend the US Open a few times over the years and love it every time :)

  6. Owen is a cutie - he has big ears!
    I so hate computer viruses and the awful frustration of protecting from them and cleaning up after. Best to you on that and enjoy your reading.

  7. Ugh, computer viruses. Actually you've reminded me that I need to back up some stuff on my harddrive just in case this happened to me.

    Lovely kitten photos as always :)
    When I've had a long day, my cat always cheers me up.

  8. I wish these people who come up with these viruses would find a better use for their time.

    Owen is so cute. He's the kind of cat my daughter would coddle to no end.

  9. Owen is a sweetie and I bet he makes a perfect companion while reading IT. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it--I'm shocked at how much I love the storytelling as The Stand was a little so-so for me. Look forward to your midway thoughts next week.

  10. Owen is the sweetest! He looks very happy in his new home.

    Hope your pain eases and you feel better soon!