Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Sunday Salon ~ September 23, 2012

Hello! I’ve been on a forced “break” of sorts from blogging. Turns out that computer virus I thought was gone from my computer “hid” a few bits of itself here and there. My computer shut down again and wouldn’t start back up. Holy cow! What a nightmare! I think this computer is all set now and squeaky clean. This sounds like what I said a week or so ago!

We have another abandoned cat here. The people who lived just two or three doors away moved out and left their one-year old tabby cat on the landing with a cup of water and open can of cat food. Bear in mind they had a month’s notice. They knew they were leaving and couldn’t be bothered to take care of their cat. A cat you have to assume was a part of their lives for a few months at least. By late afternoon yesterday, the poor thing was consistently and loudly meowing to get into his home. So we took him in and we’re calling him Oscar at the moment. Considering that cats are creatures of habit, poor Oscar isn’t a real happy boy at the moment. He hisses a bit, growls a lot, even when he eats and plays, and meows loudly when anyone comes near. He’s scared, confused, unsure of where he is and what’s happening. Oscar doesn’t seem to like other cats too much, either. Hopefully he’ll calm down in a few days as we continue to feed him regularly, play with and pet him, offer him catnip and take care of him. What’s wrong with people? Is it pure cruelty? Laziness? Stupidity? Selfishness? It’s probably a combination of all these. Does this happen everywhere? It happens so often here in Brooklyn. It’s an awful way to treat a pet, so cruel and unfeeling. If they’re found out people are fined $300 if the abandonment is reported. Oscar’s adorable and if he decides we’re a good fit for him, we’ll be fortunate to have him in the family.

I missed the mid-point for IT reviews. I’m going to post mine by Tuesday and read the reviews by other #Italong-ers!. I received a terrific #Italong book mark from softdrink. It’s awesome and makes my reading much more festive! I missed my scheduled review date for Telegraph Avenue but will have a new date soon. I’ll be reviewing A Wilderness of Error by Errol Morris this week. Unbelievable! This weekend I’ve just finished reading Henning Mankell’s first Wallander book, The Pyramid, about his early years on the police force. It’s great. I’m going to start reading The Cutting Season by Attica Locke.

Now I’ll return to the football game that’s making me want to scream!! Oy those Jets!

Happy Sunday!
Happy Reading!


  1. Oh, computers are great when they're working and such a pain when they aren't.

    I'm so glad Oscar found you. I cannot imagine leaving an animal behind like that - our dog is a part of our family.

  2. I think stupidity and selfishness top that list. I'm sorry to hear about your computer - it's so frustrating when computers aren't working/available!

    We've adopted two kitties in the past few years, one was a stray kitten and the other was from a friend who was moving. Thankfully we don't have a huge problem with abandoned pets here, but I think it's because it's such a small town.

  3. Sorry about your computer Amy:( And, sorry to hear about poor Oscar - I don't understand how someone could do that and hope that their cat will fend for sad. (I hope he adjusts).

    We never see stay cats here I am happy to say, so I am guessing that it might be a larger city problem or one in areas where people are more transitional.

    I know that around college campuses, foolish students sometimes get a cat and then surrender or free them...yeah right...when the spring semester ends....STUPIDITY!

    Have a great week.

  4. I lose my mind when there are technical problems. I am so bad at fixing them and I get so frustrated! There is all this Feedburner business going on and I have no idea what to do. You are such a good heart to take in these cats. I'm sure the little honey is confused. He will come around eventually.

  5. So very good of you to take Oscar in. I'm glad he found a good home this time.

  6. Oh poor Oscar! Our two cats were still at least with their owner and no new cats to get used to and they were definitely in shock when they moved in. Now they are so spoiled and are quite happy here so hopefully Oscar will soon settle in!

    Sorry about the computer - they are so great when they are working but we are so dependent upon them and are so ill-equipped to deal with them. Glad you're back up and running!

  7. I can't imagine leaving one of my furbabies alone like that, and I think it would make me sad to even think of doing that. What the heck is wrong with people? I would be so mad at those neighbors. They are such selfish people!

    I am glad your computer is fixed!

  8. That makes me soooo angry! I hate people who abandon their pets -- that's horrible. Poor Oscar -- I hope he adjusts soon!! :(

    PS: glad you're back from your forced break!

  9. You have such a kind heart to once again take in an poor abandoned kitty. How cruel of that family to leave him behind. You are an angel!

  10. It astounds me that people can do that to animals. That is just wrong wrong wrong. Oscar is lucky that he lives near you.

  11. It goes on everywhere... the abandonment, I mean. I think when people are in a financial crisis, they start to shut down and tune out all the other stuff around them. Feeding your kids is probably more important than feeding a cat. Just an example of how their minds probably think. I try not to pass judgement too quickly because losing a home, even an apartment can be devastating depending on the cause.

    In your case though, I swear, the entire neighborhood knows you will take them in. They probably left knowing it would end up with you. Maybe they took comfort in that??

    Not making excuses, but it happens so often, you've got to wonder what else is going in with them.

  12. I want to add too, when our pup had that tooth pulled a couple of weeks back, we left her for 90 minutes and when I placed her in the kennel, her entire body drooped. She gave up. She thought we were leaving her and there was nothing I could do. I hung around and she was deflated. Utterly deflated. I can't imagine how an animal would feel if their family actually left them for good.

    Otter Pup jumped into my arms at pick up but would not look at me for 5 days!

  13. I hope your computer issues are over now. So glad you were able to rescue Oscar. :)

  14. Poor Oscar! and yay Oscar for finding YOU. wow. Yaknow, my pup is named Oscar. :)

  15. Computer bugs are awful. Hope you're all cleaned up!
    I'm looking forward to seein what you think if IT so far. I like it but it's taking an eternity to read,

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  17. I'm way behind in my blog reading but can't wait to hear what you think of A Wilderness of Error. I just purchased the book two weeks ago but am rereading Fatal Vision before I read the Morris book.