Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh yea! I have a blog!!

This weekend I've learned that part of having a blog is remembering I have one! lol I have a great group of dear friends I email with regularly and that obliges me to try to get on the computer daily, a goal I rarely achieve. But now that I've created my blog, I need to remember to come here on a regular basis and post something that is at least interesting, ideally witty and intelligent to entice my readers to keep coming back. I still wasn't feeling my best this weekend but I managed to get out of the house yesterday and enjoy the beautiful weather we're having particularily because the weather report for the rest of the week is pretty icky. But while I was reading and dozing on Saturday and being beaten mercilessly in Scrabble by hubbie and playing with the kitties on Sunday something kept nagging at me. There was something I had to do but I couldn't for the life of me, in my "brain-fog" state, figure out what it was. Then, suddenly, late evening it occurred to me that I had a blog. ugh! lol In my defense, my head felt like it was about 500 lbs. until yesterday afternoon after a short nap. It was quite a relief to awake from that nap and be able to sit up without feeling whoozy and more tired than I felt before I fell asleep. I don't think I'll forget about my blog again (but, just in case, I put a post-it note next to the computer reminding me!)

All of the cats we have now found us. They were feral kittens or cats or previously owned, abandoned cats who wanted a home. They like it outside so they are indoor/outdoor cats and spend most of the warm, sunny weather outside, coming inside to eat and to sleep at night. All except one, Magoo, the sleeping tabby at the top of my blog. Magoo was living with an elderly woman whose building burned down and she moved to a shelter. It was believed that she may have started the fire because she couldn't pay her rent but we don't know if that's really true and we hope it's not. Magoo became part of our family as a result and we're really happy about that. He lived indoors his entire 3 years of life so he doesn't go outside. He loves sitting in the windows watching the other cats as well as birds, dogs and any other happenings!

When I first go outside all of my cats, except for Daisy, the "matriarch" and Sadie, the baby, act like I'm a complete stranger and, therefore, scary and run away from me, especially Huxley and Jazzy ! But cute little Sadie, whose becoming quite pudgy! runs up and head-butts my leg while making an adorable trilling sound. I'm permitted to pet her on the head and maybe rub her cheeks but she doesn't stay within distance of my touch for very for fear I try to pick her up! She wants her independance right now and gets mad if made to do something she hasn't orchestrated herself! Daisy is indifferent to everybody, human and cat alike, and a little haughty unless she wants some lovin'. She lets me know when she wants attention by sitting right in front of me and fixing me with her big green eyes, staring intensely until I pet her, it was a little freaky at first, now I'm used to it! If I am staying outside to read or relax, once I'm settled in and it's quiet, the cats come around little by little. They don't get too close, they have to act like they don't really care that I'm there! They find a spot close enough that they can see me and they settle down and take another nap. They're hoping I'll bring out some food or a toy or cat-nip! (They know me pretty well!) Sometimes if I don't bring out any treats quickly enough, Huxley will get impatient and come over and nuzzle my legs as if to say, "Hey, remember me? Whaddya got for me?" I love watching the cats because when they're outside their naps are always interruptedby a bug that flies by they must chase or a tall weed that keeps waving in the wind that they have to subdue or a fellow feline they have to wrestle with or chase! I don't always get a lot of reading done outside. lol

Hubbie just called to let me know that the author Richard Russo is going to be promoting his new book at a Barnes and Noble in Union Square in early August. He's one of my favorite authors and hubbie's too. I'm definitely going to plan on attending this book signing!

On a much sadder note, an author I liked very much, Frank McCourt, died. He wrote and won the Pulitzer for his intense, wonderful book about his childhood in Ireland Angela's Ashes. I've heard that, he and his brother spent a lot of time at a cool NY pub, White Horse Tavern telling stories about life in Ireland and singing some great Irish songs. I don't know if that's true but White Horse Tavern is a good old-fashioned Irish pub well worth a visit. Dylan Thomas drank many a beer here and plenty of other well-known musicians and writers stopped by, Hunter S. Thompson, Jim Morrison, Bon Dylan, Jack Kerouac, James Baldwin etc....

I'll be back in a little while with some book and magazine chat and other things!



  1. Richard Russo is my FAVORITE author. Where is Union Square?????

  2. Lots of great day to day things to read about your cats. I like their names too!

  3. Oh I am such a big cat lover! I will definately be back!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Amy. It's been hard work getting my blog this far in a mere month, but it's also been a lot of fun. I've already interview 2 authors (1 isn't posted yet), and hosting giveaways is easy if you just head on over to Book Blogs on ning. I actually have quite a few blog tours lined up for August, as well as a ton of review books as well. It's going to be a hectic month for me, but I can't wait!

    Good luck,

  5. Hi Amy,
    Loved reading about the different personalities of your cats...
    On another note, Richard Russo's book Empire Falls was made into a movie and part of it was filmed in our town about 4 or 5 years ago. We had gone down into the Square to watch and it so was fascinating. We were transported to another time and place...Also, watched the filming of it at along the ocean and other locations in town. I took many photos.
    Was so interesting to see how a movie is made.

    Thanks for stopping by and hope you feel 100% better!

  6. It takes time to get into a flow with blogging. I went periods of time when I just couldn't think of a single thing to write. Then other days I will be driving and think of eighty ideas.

    Your cats are adorable!!