Thursday, July 30, 2009

reading in comfort

Last night brought more rain, lots of it and thunder and lightning. What else is new, right? I was happily ensconced in my bed reading with the A&E tv show First 48 on in the background - hubbie and I are addicted to these shows. Suddenly it started getting a little cramped and warm in the bed because once the rain started furry kids showed up. Within minutes there were 3 or 4 cats on the bed and 1 or 2 elsewhere in the room. I love them with all my heart, but do they all have to hang out with us at once?! Mind you, if it's a clear, sunny day we'll see "neither hide nor hair "of them for hours.

I started thinking how nice it would be to be reading my very enjoyable book, America America on the porch of the The Narragansett Inn on Block Island

or inside comfy in the pretty sun porch in the above-left picture at the 1794 Watchtide by the Sea in Searsport ME overlooking Penobscot Bay.

But I think it'll be a while before we go very far from home because as hubbie correctly (much as I hate to admit it!) points out, we have a responsibility to these cats and, because they came off the street, they are pretty wary of most people so bringing someone else in to care for them would prove difficult. I think I would be an emotional mess if we left them for more than a night anyway. When they were each new to our home, I hated leaving the house for even an hour. I just want them to know that they are safe and loved now and can just enjoy their lives, which from the looks of most of them when they first came to us, they weren't really enjoying life.

So for now I will just dream of porches in distant places.....

This place looks really nice but the name Bellevue, although spelled differently just makes me think of the Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan (NY)! Maybe that would make it easier to spend some time here! Ha ha!

What do you Daydream about?!


  1. My hubby and I LOVE The First 48 too! I've always wanted to be a homicide detective and love shows like that! I'm also with you on the animal cats love to stand outside the shower and wait for me to get out - I have NO idea why they think it's so fascinating?! Although they drive me crazy sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  2. I am constantly daydream, but at the moment I have begun to daydream about sitting on one of the gorgeous porches, perhaps during the month of Maine, when they are less crowded. I like travelling in the Spring and Fall.

  3. Sitting on a white-sand beach, under an umbrella, watching the waves.

  4. I want to visit all three places. They look so beautiful. I dream of a private beach with shade, maybe a cabana and a cabana boy to fetch my cocktails. A stack of books by my side and someone occupying my kids. Dream on! I love that you have rescue cats. How many do you have? I have had two rescue ones, but hubby says I am not allowed any more.

  5. Read all the time!
    Dream of owning a country mansion.

    Love your writing-style.

  6. Beautiful picks.... another rainy day here in Minnesota and now I have a sinus infection... I dream of warm sunny days where I can sit on the back desk and bask like a cat with a fabulous read and unending glasses of ice cold tea! :)

  7. Funny, I was just talking about going to Block Island with my friend Susan yesterday! Neither of us has been there before. Anyway, I dream of Ireland and Scotland. That's where I really want to go!

  8. Dear Amy,

    I've just realised you're the Amy who enjoyed Gatsby and Faulkner - thank you for coming by and sharing your kind words on my blog - and thanks to Purple Flowers too ;)

    You're off to a smashing start on your blog and those gorgeous dwellings look peaceful. I know it's odd but I try and avoid daydreaming, as a kid I would do it a lot so I'm trying to redress the balance :)

    For your daydream, might I suggest you give it a couple of months and DO enjoy a holiday. As protective as you feel, animals grow very resilient and can handle a break with new people who are equally kind. Don't ever feel the need to not explore this short life and follow your dreams and even "alone" time together. I think growing up in the North Shore of Long Island sounds beautiful. Please post more about that.

  9. Such a lovely list of comments, thank you for responding! I'm sorry I didn't get back here yesterday to reply, it was a long day, laundry, doctor appt. etc. all that good stuff! :o) And then I return here to find your wonderful replies and my heart swells with happiness!
    I'm sorry for the way the post turned out with all those large empyt spaces and such. I'm still figuring out how all of this works and sometimes when adding pics they just seem to have a mind of their own! lol I need to learn to be a more strict task master with them lol

    Amy: it's wonderful to find another First 48 fan! I worked with homicide detectives for a short time and even rode on some cases with them, it was thrilling and frightening! It's doubley wonderful that you're a fan of the feline beauties. I too have experienced the shower invasion!

    PFlowers: I agree with you about traveling during the less popular months. Spring & Fall are my favorites months as well & the best time to enjoy the beach! My family stopped going to Nantucket in the summer after many years because it simply became way too crowded. So disappointing.

    Kathy: that sounds so lovely & inviting! Thanks for sharing!

    Vivienne: You have a beautiful name! I love the pile of books & the cabana boy in your dream! Hubbie will not let me go to PetCo because he's afraid I won't leave without a kitty! By way of explanation, the PetCo stores around here keep a selection of shelter cats in the store for adoption. We got an adorable calico kitten, Liza, through them one time.

    Slices of Beauty: A mansion to read in all of the time, that sounds divine! And thenk you very much for the compliment!

    Sheila: sounds like me on my back deck! I hope you feel better soon, sinus infections are a definite "pita" (pain in the a**!!)

    Kathy: Block Island is beautiful & more quiet than Nantucket & the Vineyard (it used to be anyway!) as well as being a shorter ferry ride. Most people leave their cars on the main land too.
    Switching my thoughts abroad is an entirely different dream & you have hit on my 2 #1 picks - I have been lucky enough to go to Irelans but want to return desperately & woulod consider moving there!

    Clarity: It's wonderful that you have returned! I will post about life on the North Shore. Most of my mom's family still lives there, my aunt right in Gatsby's neighborhood. I didn't daydream much as a child so like you I'm trying to redress the balance.


  10. I daydream of an autumn forest with trembling leaves falling to the ground, and the smell of pumpkin wafts through the air. The sounds of a babbling creek fill the silence and it's so simplistic and perfect. :)

    Thank you for sharing! I think what you're doing is really kind and caring!

    Me, Myself & I

  11. Hello Amy I enjoyed your sweet anecdote about your kitties in your bed during the rainstorm! I am sure they know they are safe and sound now. They are lucky cats to have found their forever home with you and your husband!!

  12. Daydreams of a middle-aged mom....(sorry kids, and hubby, love you all dearly but, here goes...)

    All by myself for a couple of days, just me, a comfy chair in the room I'm in, as well as a comfy chair outside on a porch and a big old stack of books. No phone, no tv, nobody knocking on the bathroom door with a comment, like "We're out of paper towels in the kitchen"...Okay then...can't really do anything about that right now, what do you say you handle it.....

    Sigh.....dream big, huh??

    I've also always wanted to drive across the US, stopping at every silly giant ball of string, watermelon festival and bookstore I stumble across. I'd probably have to do that alone too, since my family is sort of the "Let's go...we're burnin' daylight" type of travelers.

    Double sigh....