Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Movies - Animation!

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Molly's back with us for today's Monday Movie feature! And the theme is Animation! We love animated movies in my home! I admit I was a bit skeptical about them at first, but my husband opened my eyes to the wonder and fun of them! Molly, since Andy doesn't really care for these terrific movies (Andy!) next time you're in the NYC area, we'll do an animated marathon! What movies with drawn, digitized or old-school clay figures enchant you?!! If you can think of any animated movies you enjoy and would like to share with fellow bloggers, jot them down in your blog and then head on over to The Bumbles Blog and post a link there!

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (1995) Wallace, an inventor whose house is filled with gizmos of all kinds & Gromit, his faithful canine companion, have a new business, "Anti-Pesto". There's only a few days left before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition and business is booming! But Wallace & Gromit are discovering that the problem they're finding with a humane pest-control biz is their home is quickly filling to the brim with captive bunnies! To make matters worse, a giant veggie ravaging "beast" is attacking vegetable plots at night. The competition hostess, Lady Tottington, hires "Anti-Pesto" to save that day. And the fun ensues, especially when Wallace falls for Lady Tottington while trying to catch the "beast"!

Wallace & Gromit have several short films also and a new one out "A Matter of Loaf and Death"! Check out their website:

The Simpsons Movie (2007) An animated comedy movie based on the TV series, The Simpsons. Starring Homer (Dan Castellaneta), his wife, Marge (Julie Kavner), and their kids, Lisa (Yeardley Smith) and Bart (Nancy Cartwright). Homer is his usual irresponsible self and has polluted Springfield's lake to the point that the evil head of the EPA, Russ Cargill, voiced by Albert Brooks, intends to obliterate Springfield and its citizens. Homes is exiled from Springfield by the townspeople. His family goes with him but eventually they've had enough of Homer, too!

Monsters, Inc. (2001) A feature-length, computer-animated film from Pixar Animation Studios. Monstropolis is a monster-populated city & Monsters Inc. serves as the main power utility. Company employees scare children whose screams then provide the power for the city. The company's scarefloor has special doors that link to the children's closets . But the children are becoming less scared. James P. "Sulley" Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman) is the top scarer. One day he finds a child loose on the scare floor. He recruits his best friend, Michael "Mike" Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal), to help him return her. While trying to do so without being caught, Sulley and Mike discover that Randall Boggs (voiced by Steve Buscemi) is up to no good and threatening the lives of the children. Sulley and Mike set out to fix everything! This is a terrific movie!.

Persepolis ( 2007) A French animated film based on the graphic autobiographical novel by Marjane Satrapi. A young girl grows up during the Iranian Revolution, leaving Iran at her family's behest for her safety but returning again and finally leaving for good at 24-years old. This is a wonderful movie that touches on many important themes.

Watership Down (1978) An animated film based on the book by Richard Adams.
The movie features the voices of John Hurt, Harry Andres, Nigel Hawthorne and Zero Mostel, among others. This movie is about politics, power-struggle, survival, religion, over-coming fear, it's about life and learning that it isn't always a happy ending. All of this occurs within the world of rabbits in the English country-side. At one point, the rabbits become the targets of the other animals and must learn to prey on these other animals. A group of rabbits, sensing impending doom, try to save their entire warren but are rebuffed. Eight of the rabbits leave to establish their own community and experience the joys and perils of life together. This is a terrific movie, but despite how cute the bunnies and other animals may look, it's not for children.

Up (2009) A comedy-adventure film that is computer-animated by Pixar Animation Studios featuring the voices of voices of Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Bob Peterson and Jordan Nagai.
An elderly widow, Carl Fredricksen is being pushed out of his home and the area he has lived for years by new construction. A young wilderness explorer, Russel, chooses Carl as the elderly person he is going to help thereby earning some patches for his uniform. Carl rigs his home to lift off the ground and fly away using many, many balloons. What he doesn't know is that Russell is on his front porch and so becomes Carl's pal in adventure. And what an adventure they have!
This is a sweet, funny, very enjoyable movie!


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  2. I'll definitely watch The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Thanks for the suggestion! =)

    The movies in my list are pretty common but you can find it here anyway. =)

  3. The only one of those I've seen is Up, but I'd love to see Persepolis. I've read the book and didn't know there was a movie. I'll have to see if Netflix has it.

  4. I love all Wallace & Grommit movies - they are so darned clever and cute! You have some great movies on your list. No old Disney ones - I'm impressed!

  5. I have not seen most of these movies... it just shows that I have so much to catch up...

  6. Wallace & Gromit - that form of animation mixed with British humor are two big pluses for me! I have seen a few of their shorts before and I think we have this movie on DVD that someone gave us a long time ago - need to scrounge around for it.

    I'd love an animation marathon with you :0)

  7. I think I might be the only person on the planet that didn't just love "Up." But Curse of the Were-Rabbit? Oh, I loved that--we're huge Wallace & Gromit fans!