Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BBAW Interview Swap: Moonlight Book Reviews

Today is BBAW Day 2: The Interview Swap! I think it's one of the best days of BBAW and a great way to get to know & learn about fellow book bloggers.
I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Erika at
Moonlight Book Reviews blog

Erika is 16 years old, lives in a small rural town, is thinking about and planning her next step in life: college and loves to read, of course! Erika is a smart, funny, sweet blogger who I am looking forward to getting to know even better. We have had several awesome, fun conversations and, fortunately, one of us remembered that we met due to BBAW's Interview Swap and were supposed to interview each other! Below is my interview of Erika:

1. Why did you start blogging?
I was in a lull reading wise and had started reading again pretty heavily. I was always online at book sites and looking for upcoming releases. I am sick a lot or looking for things to do so reading and going online was something I did pretty often. I kinda stumbled upon the book blogging world starting with The Story Sirens site! I was in complete awe at how these blogger's expressed their love of books. I thought ,well I could do that, but was a little intimidated tech- wise on setting it up. In April I took the plunge into the blogging world and love it.

2. Where does your blog name come from or how did you decide on your blog name?
Well I spent a week or so trying to come up with a clever name for my blog and nothing came to me. Finally, I just went with the things I love. I have always been inspired by the moon and stars and am always gazing at them. I find I can act strange on days when there is a full moon. When I was a kid I would dream of living on the moon and what it would be like. I pretty much still have that same dream and thoughts. Working by moonlight is one of the most fun things I think. Some of the greatest times in my life have been spent in the moonlight. So I thought, well I love the moon, so why not call it Moonlight Book Reviews.

3. Do you spend a lot of time visiting other blogs?
Oh yes!! I find myself up late at night reading different blogs and commenting on posts. I love looking at how other people blog and what they have to say. One of my favorite memes is The Friday Blog Hops! They are amazing because you can meet so many new blogs and people through them. I like to leave comments on posts for I know what it is like to wait in anticipation to see what people think about your reviews or posts and never have anyone say anything. Getting comments is fun and I want to comment on other blogs for I know what it feels like to wait for those comments! I set my standard of my blog after others. I know I may never be one of the best bloggers, but I will always strive to do my best!!!

4. Do you have a favorite book or series?
Well this is a difficult question for me, because I love so many books!! I would have to say The Study books by Maria V. Snyder are one of the best book series I have come across in a while. It is one of those series' which has stayed with me. I also really like Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series. I love the science and nerdiness mixed with vampires and being who you are. If that makes any sense. OH MY GOSH!! I forgot about my favorite series of ALL TIME!! Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series is amazing! I would do just about anything to get my hands on The Iron Queen which doesn't come out till next year and is the third book in the series!!

5. Tell me a little bit about the kind of books you like - which paranormal books in particular? What kinds of nonfiction books do you like?
Okay, I used to be in love with historical fiction, but that was all I read for a while so I grew tired of it. Granted I still like reading it, but I have opened my self to new genres. I do like contemporary fiction, but it can't be the shallow kind! You will not find me reading Gossip Girl or anything like that. At the moment I will admit I am a bit addicted to paranormal books. Not necessarily vampires, I like all the creatures of the night. I like the possibility that beings like that could be out there. I like to mix up what I read though too. So I also read a bit of non-fiction. I really like books about famous authors and I like books that talk about a specific issue. The books I read usually have something I relate to or that I like. Also, most books I read are young adult.

6. Does anyone in your immediate family read books for pleasure like you do? (My mom LOVED to read!)
Ha! Well no. My mom isn't really into sitting and reading. My dad doesn't read as much as I do, but I would say he's the closest with the amount he reads. Though Old Antique History books are more of his forte. My sister reads, but really has no time, because she is in college. I really am the only one in my family that is this crazy about books. My parents are learning to deal with it.

7. Do you like to get or give Blog Awards?
I like to give them!! It has always been my way! I love making people happy and giving awards meaningfully is one way to do that. Sure, I am always flattered by awards and welcome them, but I like giving them to others!

8. Do you have a favorite blogging meme?
I really like In My Mailbox, because I get to Vlog, but close favorites are Teaser Tuesday and Blog Hop Fridays! I like them for I get to express myself a bit more through them!

9. Erika, do you have any specific reading habits? Do you have a special spot where you like to read or a time of day when you usually read, such as when you get in to bed at night before sleep? I usually read in my room or the couch upstairs in front of a big window. I usually read on weekends and days off from school. I also read at night if I am not busy. My parents like to keep me busy for they believe I read far too much. So usually in my room hiding:) I usually keep water by me along with a sweater or blanket in case I get cold.

10. Do you eat/snack while reading and, if so, what do you like to have best while reading?
I drink water or zero calorie drinks. If I snack it is on crackers or popcorn. I love popcorn!! Go fiber:)

11.Are there any books banned in your school or books they don't like to teach? Well this is a tricky question. I live in a very religious community so some kids aren't aloud to read books like Harry Potter etc. We have recently gotten a new librarian, that is open to all sorts of books. The mean one though frowns upon paranormal books. it is really annoying. I try not to use my library at school for those reasons. I would much rather drive the 25min to the district library.

12. Do you plan to make any changes, improvements, renovations to your blog in the future? I think you mentioned a blog button?!
I WANT A BLOG BUTTON SO BADLY!!! It is like you went into my head and picked out what I want the most! (Erika mentioned getting a blog button just a few times lol!) I want a really cool one too or something nice! I would also love a blog makeover! Maybe when I save some money I could afford it. I am pretty content with my 3 column layout for I did it myself. It is a huge accomplishment for I am so not tech savvy. I would like to change the look up of my blog though and a button!!!
I think your blog looks fantastic, Erika. I love the picture of the moon in your blog heading. It's striking! Your definitely more tech savvy that I am. I'm going to need your help when I switch my blog to 3 columns!

If you haven't visited Erika's blog, Moonlight Book Reviews be sure to. It's a great blog. She does an awesome Vlog for Mailbox Monday!


  1. Great interview! I'm new to Erika's blog so I've gotta check out her blog now!

  2. Gosh I wish I'd discovered blogging when I was 16!!! And how wonderful that you've managed to turn yourself into a reader all on your own!!! Yay for you! I think that doing a blog is a great way to increase your technical and communication skills and will be of a great help as you progress through school and life. What a fun interview!

  3. When I see all these young people with book blogs, it really gives me lots of faith in the future. Wonderful interview!

  4. It totally warms my heart to see this. I had to chuckle at the vision of her hiding in her room so she can read and not do whatever her parents want her to do (chores?). That is one thing I don't harrass my daughter about is reading too much!

  5. Thank you Melody, Kathy, Sandy & Jenners for stopping by and reading my interview of Erika. I know she was looking forward to this week and "meeting" new bloggers, getting followers and discovering more blogs! There is so much I want to do around here this week...too bad we can't get the hours extended each day during this BBAW! lol

    Melody: Thank you! Definitely check out Erika's blog, I know she'll love having a new visitor and her blog is terrific. I love the heading and her vlog entries.

    Jenners: When I discovered Erika was 16, I have to say I was a little jealous! lol When I was 16 I don't think I was really aware of computers - don't know if they wqere in use yet but there was no internet! Word processors were a big deal! lol Erika knows more about using the computer than I do so I am going to be picking her brain for help!

    Bermudaonion: That's so true, Kathy. Many teenagers seem so much more mature than I was at 16 in terms of technology and applying it to their everyday life and using it to expand their knowledge of various subjects.

    Sandy: Good for you, Sandy! I think it's great when young people enjoy reading. I was surprised when Erika said she has to hide her reading because her parents think she reads too much - it's a form of learning for one thing! It's great that your kids like to read and I love that the 3 you read the same book at the same time!

  6. I enjoyed reading your interview of Erika. It's too bad she has to hide her reading from her parents. I know I often retreated to my room to read when I was a teenager, but I don't think they minded too much.