Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday A Kitten Named Lola


Last Wednesday I posted pictures of the kittens born in March: Frankie, Percy, Wally & Lola. (here in case you missed that post!). The three sweet male kittens were adopted to terrific homes. But it was really difficult to give up any/all of the kittens, they were so playful, cuddly, just unbelievably adorable! So, Lola, the lone female kitten, a beautiful black cat with a small tuft of white on her chest and on her tummy became a part of my cat family.

Lola was quieter than her brothers and didn't run around like crazy as much as they did when they were together. But when she was the only kitten left, her personality blossomed! She became more sweet & cuddly with a tremendous, beautiful purr. And suddenly she was crazy nuts when she wanted to play - running everywhere as fast as she could, playing with string, a ball or piece of paper that moved! It was great. And Lola loves all the other cats & wants to play with all them. It's fantastic & really cute. Today I'm posting pictures of sweet Lola to introduce her to everyone. Next week I'll show you whacky, fun-loving, playful Lola!


  1. Ah, she's adorable.

  2. She is so so adorable! I particularly like the ones of her all stretched out! I can understand why you couldn't part with her!

  3. Her name is Lola, she was a show girl!

    She's beautiful, Amy!

  4. She's adorable...and so are the rest of your furry kids (I have a few of my own, tho' not as many as I used to as they are all becoming elderly.)


  5. Yeah to Lola, I am so happy that you kept one of them. She is a doll. Funny how when the boys are not around the girls come out to play.

    xoxoxo E.

  6. Lola is adorable and so skinny! IT must be all that running around :)

  7. Thank you for all your comments. I apologize for my very delayed replies!

    Bermudaonion: Thank you, I think so too!

    Carolsphotos: She is, isn't she? Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Bibliophile by the Sea: So am I, Diane. She is the happiest kitten I've ever known and she is equally playful & cuddly, a wonderful combination!

  8. Nise: Thank you! She'll be around for quite a while!

    Willoughby: Hi! Thank you, she is, isn't she? I wish you could hear her beautiful kitty purr!

    avisannschild: I love how she sleeps in the cat bed with her body all twisted around. She likes to sleep with her body all stretched out. Good to see you here, Lola likes fans whao have cats!

  9. Thank you for all your comments. I apologize for my very delayed replies!

    KathyA: You've got the right idea although when her brother Frankie was here we sang them the Jimmy Buffet song, "Frankie & Lola, down in Pensacola..."!

    Laura J. Wellner: Thank you & thank you for visiting our blog! We rescue cats but some choose to stay here which is great as fas as I'm concerned!

    Esme: It was hard enough to give the other 3 kittens away, even knowing that they are in loving homes. And once Lola came out of her shell a bit I knew she had to stay!

    stacybuckeye: She is so skinny. She is so much a kitten who loves to play that she can be distracted from food by toys, fluttering leaves, a fly...anything that looks like fun to play with. Often I have to pick her up & put her in front of some food for her to realize she's hungry!

  10. She's precious, Amy! I am glad you were able to keep her. :-)

  11. To tell the truth, I don't like black cats:( But your cat is so adorable... I could not pass by... to thank you for making my day! I work for proofreading and editing services - and need to leave now! Good luck!