Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Salon - Reading, Writing & Cats!

It's not snowing! That's practically a miracle here this month!

I was able to spend a little more time blogging & on the computer this week than I've been able to most of the month. Health problems, more pain than usual, extra meds etc. have kept me away much more than I hoped. It aggravated me since just about my only resolution was to tend to my blog (which needs a lot of work), write the many reviews awaiting me and visit all or, at least, many, of the blogs I like. I wasn't able to participate in Maw Books Blog recent Bloggiesta either which I was looking forward to. Fortunately, there'll be more! And, at least, I'm finally feeling better, more energetic and I've spiffed up my computer a bit - new memory and such. So I think we're both ready to go! (I certainly hope so!)

I've been spending some of my free time, when not sleeping or cat-napping - often happens after I read a few pages - writing. I enjoy it some days but it' cab be quite painstaking! I read and am rereading/savoring Roger Rosenblatt's
Unless it Moves the Human Heart (I'll review it soon) which enticed me back to writing. I've mostly been writing about issues surrounding growing up with a disability. I've never written about this and it's somewhat cathartic. I began writing about being disabled after I read a news report that the livery cabs (the cabs with which you book appointments) in NYC often charge higher rates (as much as $40 more!) for disabled wheelchairs users. I might post some of my writing on my blog eventually (courage!).

I've been reading more than usual, too, since I have more free time than usual. The only problem I find is that the additional meds make me tired after a few pages. But I only conk out for 20-30 minutes and then I'm set for a good while! The cats very much prefer when I read because they can sit all over me without being moved off my lap so I can use my lap desk to write. The other day I had 4 cats sleeping on me starting with Ophelia curled upon my feet, Sadie up on my lap and Lola and Mr. Magoo in between them on my legs. I felt very warm & loved! I've read Ravens by George Dawes Green, The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton and On Folly Beach by Karen White. I'm almost finished with House Arrest and The Widow's Story Now you see why I have several reviews to write! Since I'm feeling better, it'll be easy to type them up from all my notes! Why is it that I'm so much better at the reading than the review writing?!....but I love to talk to you all about the books I've read!

Enjoy your Sunday! Read Well!


  1. I love when the cats sit with me in winter (just 2 of our 4 do this), but both at the same time LOL is easy to read, but tough to blog.

    Hope you find some pain relief this week Amy. Take care.

  2. Oh, those cats sound cozy! I have A Widow's Story preordered...should get it soon.

    Did you love The Wednesday Sisters? On Folly Beach was another fave.

    Hope you have a great day.

    Here's my SUNDAY SALON

  3. Cats are like living blankets/heaters! I miss having them ... darn allergies by the husband!!!

    And I'm glad you're feeling inspired to write more. I think you probably have a lot to share so keep it up! : )

    And I heard we have more snow on its way ... I can't take much more of this!

  4. So glad to hear you are feeling better, and it seems like a day without snow is cause to least this winter! Sounds like you've gotten a lot reading done, but I'm sure many of us would love to read your writing, too!

  5. Hope you continue to feel better. Mollie Ann is the only cat I have that likes laps. Seems like every time I sit down she is on top of me.
    Enjoy your reading!

  6. Who'd have thought you'd second as a cat bed?!:) Azrielle has been curling up on me lately -- she's been cold.

    Reading puts me to sleep, too -- and I'm not taking meds. It just feels so good to be able to doze off like that -- especially in this weather we've been having.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  7. I'm sorry the health issues have caused the increase in meds. I've been going through a similar thing but haven't resorted to the extra meds yet.

    Cuddling up with the kitties sound like an excellent way to recoup though.

  8. Hope you find some more pain relief Amy. Your cats seem to know how to comfort you and that's nice :)
    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews, particularly The Wednesday Sisters.

  9. Keep all the great reviews coming!

    Hope you find some relief from all the pain. Glad your kitties are giving you some comfort. Love seeing their pics every time I come to your blog. My Anni sends you a purr and wishing you feel better soon as well!