Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Movies ~ We're Havin' a Heat Wave...!

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We're havin' a heat-wave! Seriously! I think we really are here in NYC according to the heat advisory announced on the news 2 minutes ago! And, apparently temps in the 90's with accompanying humidity are hitting states up and down the East Coast. Blah! The Bumbles Blog reader and Monday Movie Meme participant Nicole of The Madlab Post suggested today's theme: movies containing a heat wave or extreme summer heat, it doesn't have to be central to the plot just a part of the movie. I've had my experiences with heat and humidity. I don't like it! lol My mother hated the heat & humidity. But she also hated air conditioning! Mom refused to put in central air as her sister did despite my aunt telling her, repeatedly, how great it was to have on those hot, humid, hideous days of summer and despite two whiney, pleading children (my sister & me!). Two rooms in our house had air conditioning: my parents bedroom and my dad's den/office. On the worst days my sister and I camped out on my parents bedroom floor! We thought it was great fun when we were little. As teenagers, not so much...we idiotically opted to sweat and whined about it (of course!)! lolol Fortunately, I smartened up! I don't like air conditioning much myself but it's way better than heat! Molly's got a great movie listed for today so be sure to visit her blog, The Bumbles Blog. And remember to share on your blog movies that turned the heat on their characters and link back to The Bumbles Blog so that others can find you. Be sure to visit your fellow participants, too!

Crimes of the Heart (1986) ~ a comedy/drama starring Diane Keaton, Sissy Spacek and Jessica Lange as the three Magrath sisters who reunite at their childhood home in Hazlehurst, Mississippi after Babe (Sissy Spacek) shoots her abusive husband. This is just one in a long line of bizzarre, shocking events that surround this dysfunctional family. The sisters were raised by Old Grandaddy (Hurd Hatfield) after their mother died and have always been eccentric. Part of the movie takes place during the hazy, lazy days of summer

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) a comedy/drama starring Kathy Bates as bored housewife Evelyn Couch who befriends Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy) while visiting her crabby mother-in-law in a Birmingham, Alabama nursing home. Ninny tells Evelyn over the course of numerous visits Evelyn makes to see Ninny about the abandoned town of Whistle Stop, Alabama and the people who lived there. Ninny tells many stories about many people in this southern town and, as you can imagine, summers in Whistle Stop were very hot and we see many scenes that evidence this! It's obvious that Ninny loved the town and its inhabitants and she deeply touches Evelyn, enthralls and inspires her. They become good friends and there are several great surprises in stor for those of you who haven't seen this movie yet!

The Man in the Moon (1991) in Louisiana 14-year old Dani (Reese Witherspoon) and her older sister, Maureen (Emily Warfield) fall for the same guy. It's Dani's first kiss during her very brief summer romance but is Maureen's age so when he meets her, he's smitten. Uh-oh! Much of the movie occurs during the hot summer months. There's some great photography that shows off the landscape including a beautiful pond great for cooling off, fishing and fun! There's more to this movie than teenage romance mostly about the importance of family.

Passion Fish (1992) this drama directed by John Sayles is about a soap opera star, May-Alice Culhane (Mary McDonnell) who becomes paralyzed when she's struck by a taxi on her way to get her legs waxed. When it comes time for her to be discharged from the hospital she doesn't know what to do so she retreats to her family home in Louisiana. There, filled with fear, lonely sad, immensely angry and more, she turns to alcohol and has an extended pity party. She abuses the live-in nurses and all leave within 2, 3 days of arriving. But then Chantelle (Alfre Woodard) arrives. She has her own problems and needs this job. She's also unwilling to put up with any crap. This makes for some entertaining scenes! Little by little the two women connect, become friends and help each other. Many of the scenes in this movie occur outside on the land surrounding the home which includes a large pond with dock. And, as it's the south, some days are very hot!


  1. Oh, Fried Green Tomatoes is perfect for this prompt!

  2. Oh my gosh, you picked two of my favorite movies, Fried Green Tomatoes (another perfect choice), and The Man In The Moon (a beautiful, but heartbreaking film about first love, loss and growing up). Those movies make my heart soar :)

  3. The Man in the Moon is such a good movie. I think Reese Witherspoon really proved she can act in this one.

  4. Nice choice of movies for this week's heat wave meme.

    While "Crimes of the Heart" is familiar to me, I've never watched this movie. I'll add it to my movie rental queue one of these days, so I can finally check it out.

    Love, Love, LOVE the Man in the Moon with Reese. I also like how you highlighted the family aspect of the film....something that those who may be quick to dismiss it as just another teenage love movie would think twice about and possibly consider taking the film into consideration the next time it comes on TV or is available to rent :)

    I didn't have much interest in watching Fried Green Tomatoes for some time and am not sure if I ever will but you never know, maybe on a lazy summer, rainy afternoon when I'm bored...I may give it a shot, lol.

    I never heard of Passion Fish, but, based on the storyline and cast, I just may rent this to find out what it's all about.

    The Madlab Post

  5. Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite movies! And Passion Fish is soooo good.

  6. The Man in the Moon is a great choice. Not enough people have seen that gem.