Sunday, February 12, 2012

~ Sunday Salon ~

I’d hoped to spend a few delightful hours at the Brooklyn Flea Market today, expecting to return laden with books! Fun! But winter decided to ‘show its face’ and it was in the low 20s when I woke up this morning...and that‘s before factoring the wind chill! Eeeek!. Well, it is mid-February! I’ll just have to wait until next weekend and, hopefully, warmer weather! There are some very tasty treats at Brooklyn Flea, too. There are a lot of people who go just for the food. Some vendors are a little pricey but the milkshakes, grilled cheese, lobster rolls and mini-cupcakes are worth it. Those are the foods I’ve tried so far but there’s plenty more. Oh boy, now I’m thinking about the lobster rolls and milkshakes, oh boy they’re good! It’s just as well I didn’t go today. I don’t think I’d have been able to taste any foods anyway because I have a terrible cold. I think I caught it in my cardiologists waiting room on Thursday...every other person there seemed sick with a cold and cough. By the time I left there Thursday late afternoon I had a sore throat, head ache and other cold symptoms...blah, blah, blah. Typical, right? Go to a doctor and return home sick! lolol Colds are unpleasant icky!

I spent most of Friday stretched out taking lots of cat-naps (Ha!) drinking lots of fluids to rid myself of this cold. I still have it, but, at least it’s no worse. Thanks to the wonderful Ti at Book Chatter I think I have a new sitcom to enjoy, The Big Bang Theory (thanks Ti!) It’s pretty funny! I thought it was about nerds but they’re intensely smart geeks in graduate school. One of them is supposedly a genius with an ego the size of a large country! The science references fly right over my head, for the most part, which makes me laugh, too. So I watched some saved episodes and read some of Night Swim by Jessica Keener, which is very good and The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. It’s the first of her novels I’ve read and I’m excited because Highsmith wrote a long list of books and I’m now planning to read many of them! I also didn’t realize there are 4 books about Tom Ripley. I’m interested to see if the movie is a combination of all of them or just the first one

I’m trying to get some new photos of the cats and the new kitten uploaded to show you but I cannot figure out how to do it...yet. I’ve done it before but I just cannot remember. I have to get myself a digital camera because this way is too annoying!

I haven’t found homes, shelters or foster care openings for the two cats that were abandoned. Every place that takes homeless cats is completely packed and hurting for space. Hopefully, one of the organizations or shelters will help me get the cats spayed/neutered this week so there are no adorable kittens contributing to the homeless kitty problem. It’s so sad. I don’t understand why people are so irresponsible about getting their animals neutered. There are several places to take them that cost next to nothing. Sorry! I won’t start ranting, I promise....this issue just gets me upset!

This week I’m going to start Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon for Venice in February 2012. I’m reading The Talented Mr. Ripley for the same reading challenge. I also hope to start A Long Long Way by Sebastian Barry for War Through the Generations 2012 reading challenge. I’ve become a rather slow reader which saddens me a bit. lolol But it is what it is! So, I’ll see how it goes, especially if this cold persists.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Happy Reading!


  1. It did get cold fast, didn't it? ARGH!

    And my husband and I just started watching Big Bang Theory too!! So fun!! We're watching them in reruns all out of order so I'm trying to piece together the whole story arc of Leonard and Penny. Sheldon, though, reminds delightfully the same!

  2. Hope your cold gets better soon!

    It's nippy here, too. It certainly doesn't feel like spring is almost here in south Texas!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. We've been hit by ol' man winter too and I'm not enjoying it at all!

  4. The wind was really terribly this am. Had to run out for a few groceries and I was happy to get back to a warm house.

    Hope your cold is better soon and that those kitties find a nice home.

  5. I keep seeing ads for The Big Bang Theory...and I think I might just have to check it out.

    I really want to read Night Swim.

    I'm eager for nice spring weather and outings.

    Thanks for visiting my blog...and for your encouraging words.

    Enjoy your week!

  6. I have read that a lot of bloggers have come down with a cold in this cold and wet weather. Hope you feel great very soon! The Venice Challenge looks like a fun one to join.

  7. You poor thing! Missing out on books because of a cold. Well, maybe if you get lots of rest you can nip it before it gets to your chest. You should talk to your cardiologist about separating the sick patients from the well. People with heart issues should not be around sick people at all.

    So glad you found Big Bang! I love that show. Some episodes are funnier than others but they are all smartly written and it's good brain stimulation for those nights when I get home and find myself completely brain dead.

  8. I hope to read A Long, Long Way soon, too

  9. You're kind to look for homes for those kitties. And, more kindness for mentioning Night Swim. Warm regards, Jessica

  10. I hate taking Gage to the doctor for check ups because he tends to catch whatever is going around from all the sick kids there! I hope you're feeling better and I hope your kitties can find a new home.