Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amy Rants!

Oh no, life as we've known it will never exist again, the beginning of the end is at hand! Michelle Obama is wearing shorts while on vacation at the Grand Canyon. Tell me it isn't so!

I cannot believe I have been hearing this all morning on the Today Show! The first time I heard Matt Lauer as if it was appropriate dress, I thought it was a joke, literally!

What is the big deal about Michelle Obama wearing shorts? She is on vacation at the Grand Canyon. Is she supposed to wear a LBD, a cocktail dress, a freaking ball gown? C'mon people! And I thought the heat was getting to me!
I know she's held to a higher standard because as First Lady she represents our country but this is going too far, off-the-deep-end crazy! It's not even as if she's wearing short shorts, she's wearing a perfectly nice pair of mid-thigh shorts! And she looks good in them! And she's on vacation at the Grand Canyon! It's hot in Arizona! Most other sane people would also wear shorts! There is nothing inappropriate about her shorts.

It doesn't matter that she walked off Air Force One wearing a pair of shorts. It isn't a big deal. She looks just fine, good in fact. It's absolutely ridiculous to even suggest she should change her clothes before exiting Air Force One or getting in the limo.

By the way, Michelle Obama has proven that she knows how to dress. She looks nice and is always dressed. I don't always like her clothes but most of the time I do. She is always respectful in dress and manner and I think those people making a big deal out of a pair of shorts should find something more important to do with their time.

The amount of press commenting on Michelle Obama's shorts is ridiculous. It's embarrassing! There are so many problems in our country and in this world. But on Wednesday August 19, 2009 the First Lady's shorts is one of the top items being discussed in the media. It is so embarrassing!

I hope she wears jeans one day come fall! {Heee, heee}

Okay, I'm done! :o)


  1. Totally second your rant Amy. There are bigger issues going on besides Ms. Obama showing her knees. The media sometimes just annoys the hell out of me, at which point I turn it off and read my books!

  2. I am NOT a supporter of the Obama's, but I will say this: Let the woman enjoy her flippin' vacation, dressed as comfortably as she wants! Shesh! It's called a vacation so she can GET AWAY& RELAX! I couldn't/wouldn't want to be the First Lady or a celebrity, just because your life is under a microscope! Good rant Amy!

  3. Amy - I totally agree with you. I was also amazed that people actually were criticizing her for wearing shorts.
    My response is "Go Girl!"

  4. Go Amy! This is ridiculous. And I AM supporter of the Obamas!

  5. Michelle has the self confidence to do things her way. Period. Good for her!

    xxLOL LOLA:)
    btw in the UK, we call August the media's "Silly Season" - nothing of REAL importance to comment on!

  6. not pro-Obama's...very pro-shorts...ridiculous news media best ignored...

  7. Seashell and I saw the Today Show this morning and we couldm't believe they were making a big thing out of shorts! They also had on the cat that plays piano, so maybe it was a slow news day! Such a waste of time because Mrs. O always looks appropriate for the situation. Imagine wearing a dressy outfit to see the Grand Canyon, that would be inappropriate!

  8. I know what you mean. I remember when Clinton was President and Hillary changed her hairstyle. The press talked about it for days and she said it was a sad time when that was the most important thing they had to talk about.

  9. I haven't watched TV all day. I'm so curious how she looked. I'm sure she looked fine. I think it's stupid when the press over-reacts to stuff like this!

    A Novel Menagerie

    P.S. I got your note on what my favorite book(s) is/are. I have a page on my blog (the link is in my sidebar) called "Guaranteed Good Books." There are several books listed there that I love. However, Gone With The Wind, Life of Pi, Snow Flower & The Secret Fan, and The Glass Castle are among my favorites.


  10. i'd like to see the celebs and whatnot follow us common people around for a day with cameras and post it everywhere. see how we feel in their shoes.
    give em a break. and she was on vacation. come on.
    great blog. i'm following you now. you should check out/follow mine. i've got all things books...

  11. I have no idea what the temperature at the Grand Canyon was, but I'm sure it was hot. I can't imagine she would have been very comfortable in jeans.

  12. I was watching The Today show thinking the same thing! Who cares!!!! LOL! Let the woman wear shorts for pete sakes!

  13. Just reminds me why I don't watch those shows!!! That is so crazy and ridiculous! She is human being in a hot place! Let her wear shorts!!!! I think it is more concerning that they chose to go to Arizona in August for vacation!!!!!!

    When will out media learn what is newsworthy and what isn't!? NEVER!

    Great rant.

  14. Thank you to all of you! You are the best! After I posted and then read it (so often I forget to read my entire post before publishing it! lol) I thought, oh, jeez, what did I do! lol I like hearing you all think too.

    I was raised to believe that there are times when it is appropriate to dress a certain way; I was taught to dress nicely when flying, for Sunday mass, when going out to dinner or to someone's house for dinner or the holidays etc. I understand that the First Lady represents our country and very often (but nort always)how she dresses is a sign of respect for the USA and for the people she is visiting or meeting and if she is in a different country, for the country she is visiting. But sometimes the media and the critics forget Michelle Obama (and this goes for all of our other First Ladies) is human and has roles other than the First Lady (mom, daughter, wife) and that sometimes a pair of shorts is just a pair of shorts!

    Thank you to everyone for commenting on my post!
    Amy :o)

  15. Can you believe it?!?! The first lady has legs!!!! And knees!!!! Who would have thought!! Such a waste to report on something so silly.

  16. I think Michelle Obama SHOULD wear short shorts and REALLY give them something to talk about!!!

    The only kind of shorts I don't want to see on ANYONE, no matter who they are, are the ones so short you can see more than your legs. GROSS!!!

  17. How did I not hear about this??!! What complete ridiculousness!