Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad Men Sunday!

In less than an hour, Mad Men returns to the airways for its third season. The writing, the acting, the fashions, the directing, it's all top-notch. If you're not already a fan, tune in for an hour and ENJOY!! It's worth it!


  1. I have a present for you at ChocolateandCroissants

  2. I will sheepishly say that just about everything I know about TV shows is what I read in EW. We are not big TV people...we are more into the movies, or even just sitting and drinking wine while talking. Having said that, I do know that this Mad Men is a huge hit!

  3. My husband coerced me into watching the first season of Mad Men earlier this season and while it took me a while to grow to like it, but the end I was hooked. We haven't yet seen the second season so most likely will have to catch the latest season when it comes out on DVD. I agree with you--it realy is a top-notch show. I'm looking forward to catching up with it.

  4. Not sure we get that channel, but I'll look for it.

  5. Esme: You are so sweet! Thank you!

    Sandy: movies and wine sound good to me! I go through periods where I watch a lot of TV and then very little. Many shows I tire of after a few episodes because they tend to be formulaic. But Mad Men and a few others are great. I usually tape the shows I like and then watch them free of commercials!

    Literary-Feline: the second season was very good! There was a marathon the Sunday before the new season started. There might be another one, often a week or two after a new season starts, the network runs a marathon of the prior season. I think the acting is great and I love learning a little bit about life and the mind set in the nation in the 50's & 60's. Glad to hear you enjoy it too!

    Kathy: It's on AMC (I think I originally said A&E) we have just basic cable and get AMC so hopefully you do too.

    I hope this season is good. So often a show I like loses its steam after a few seasons.