Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon Mini-challenge: Honoring Dewey

Eva, A Striped Armchair is sponsoring this challenge in honor of the person who started the read-a-thons held twice a year. Her name was Dewey and she used to have a blog, Hidden Side of a Leaf.

Dewey is no longer with us and, unfortunately I didn't have the honor of interacting with her. But I have read about her through other bloggers because she was well-known and liked by so many bloggers. I have also read quite a bit about her in relation to the read-a-thon.

My impressions are that Dewey was a welcoming person to everyone, she enjoyed interacting with other bloggers and had a kind word for everyone, she encouraged other readers to enjoy books she liked and was a fun-loving, enjoyable woman to interact with. I read some of the post from the read-a-thon challenge last April regarding Dewey and on in particular really touched me.

Heather from Cerebral Girl in a Redneck World posted this:

"We were asked to either share a memory of Dewey (if we knew Dewey, which I didn't), or to check out her website and share something that we found that touched us somehow. "I found a post regarding Steinbeck's East of Eden, and in it Dewey writes: I really like the chapter that begins with a discussion of what Steinbeck calls monsters. He says that just as some people are born with physical deformities, so some people might be born with deformities of character, so that they may be missing a conscience or empathy or some other quality most of us consider essential. My personal opinion does match his."

This confirms what I already thought about Dewey was a wonderful, sweet, kind woman with a good heart. I have a very noticeable physical disability but I have never considered myself very different from other people, I just look a little different. There are some people who have deformities of character and they are missing characteristics I consider essential. I share Dewey's opinion and Heather's as well!


  1. I always felt blessed when Dewey would post comments on my blog or answer mine. She was very special!

    Keep up your reading!!

  2. I'm glad that my post from last year touched you in some way. It seems that Dewey strongly affected many people, and through those who knew her, she continues to affect all of us. I guess that's really what this whole Read-a-Thon is about!

    Enjoy your reading!

    nfmgirl aka Cerebral Girl

  3. BTW: Your Huxley looks like my Simon!

  4. I never had the opportunity to interact with Dewey either, but she does sound like a lovely person.

    Happy reading! =)

  5. Lovely post. I love that Steinbeck quote. I live in that area, and read that book soon after I moved here.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  6. Are there any posts on who Dewey was-I would like to learn more about her.

    Happy reading Amy.

  7. Beautiful tribute... I wish I had been lucky enough to know her!