Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Salon, October 25th!

The Read-a-Thon ended at 8 a.m. this morning. I was asleep a couple of hours before that after taking a cat nap around midnight! This was my first readathon and it was great! I had a lot of fun participating and already know a few things I'll do differently come the next one. I didn't visit as many readers blogs as I wanted, not nearly. I think next time I'm going to take an hour every few hours to visit other blogs. It sounds a little ridiculous, but there doesn't seem to be enough time to do all of the things I wanted to and read a lot! LOL Reading, entering min-challenges, reading comments to my posts and visiting some blogs, the hours fly by!

I finished Still Life by Louise Penny, a wonderful book and The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, simply amazing! I also finished Confections of a Closet Master Baker by Gesine Bullock-Prado which I just loved and now I want to bake some of her recipes! I started reading This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper (A win from A Novel Menagerie). I've laughed out loud several times already just 75 pages in. I also started reading After by Amy Efaw (a win from Amy of Addicted to Books)
I have several reviews to write this week including
The Possibility of Everything by Hope Edelman in addition to the finished books referenced above.

The Cats are wonderful! If you read any of my updates during the readathon, you know that the weather here was very rainy so all of the cats were inside. When they cannot go outside they sleep a lot but they also look to my husband and me for their entertainment and for attention as well as for food!. I was interrupted by Magoo, Betsy, Bob, Sadie, Jazzy and Huxley several times each yesterday! I love when they're all around though so, for the most part I didn't mind at all.

These are pictures of Bob. He doesn't come across quite as cute as he is in real life. In the pictures he looks a little grouchy but he really isn't. Occasionally he gets ticked if one of us scratches him behind his ears or too far down on his body. But he is generally quite happy. He has terrible allergies or some kind of respiratory problem and wheezes, grunts, sniffles and makes all kinds of loud sounds. I can hear him coming outside before I see him! And when he sleeps, curled up on his side looking just so adorable, he snores the loudest I have ever heard. As a bed companion it's been a bit of an adjustment having him here especially when he shows up at 4a.m and I wake to some snorting, sniffling, wheezing, grunting animal lumbering around on the bed! But I'm used to him now and I'd rather have him here than not!

Belle is still out and about because she ran from us when we tried to put her in the cat carrier the other day. But she came back a few hours later for food. I spoke to the vet and we decided to wait until Monday to give Belle a few days to relax and trust us again and also because the vet I've been corresponding with isn't working this weekend. Sam and I have a good game plan to get Belle in the cat carrier tomorrow so, fingers crossed it all works. Belle has been coming by for food 3 - 4 times a day for the last 3 days which is a little more than usual so I guess she likes and trusts us!

Have a great Sunday! I'm off to watch the JETS play the Raiders, Lisa of Lit and Life favorite team. Good luck to you!


  1. Congrats on your marathon, now get some rest, after the game. Not familiar with your sports over there, the only Jets I'm aware of are the ones who fought The Sharks.

    Good night :)

  2. Our dog coughs, sneezes and snores too - so I know all about the allergy in animals stuff.

  3. Yay you for such a great readathon! Rainy weather is perfect for the event too. Hope you enjoy that game today too. I am a real fan of professional sporting events so I am envying just a little bit right now. Happy reading!

  4. I can't believe you have the energy to post anything after that readathon!

    Isn't it the worst to try to get a reluctant cat into the carrier? When we had our calico, we had to sneak up on her, wrap her in a towel so she couldn't escape and then sort of "slide" her into the carrier and close the door really quick. It was exhausting! Good luck with Belle!

  5. I am glad you had such a good time with the read-a-thon, Amy! I've been reading everyone's wrap up's today and it's obvious the feeling extends to everyone who participated. Looks like you had good company while you were reading. :-) I hope you have a great week, Amy.

  6. While you were making excellent progress in your Read-A-Thon, I spent an entire week WITHOUT reading! We were so busy on vacation spending quality time with family that the only time I read was on the plane ride down and back. Time to get crackin' I guess! But I've just spent the evening spending quality time with our kitties. So will try again tomorrow :0)

  7. Well done on doing so well in the read-a-thon. I wish I could have joined it.

  8. Wow, what amazing read-a thon! Congrats. Love seeing the pics of Bob. He looks soooo cute sleeping on the bed. :)

  9. We have sneezing cats as well, and one that loves to munch on plants and then vomit!! LOL

    I hope you have recovered by now. It was fun, but I paid for it from sleep deprivation LOL

  10. Clarity: LOL I know those Jets too! I didn't sleep too much but the reading was fun. Now that I know how it all works, I'm going to get sponsors next time and raise money for charity.

    bermudaonion: lol so you know all the sounds! I never thought that animals could have allergies but recently I found out that they sure do. I feel bad for them not being able to express when they don't feel well.

    Frances: Thank you for visiting! The JETS won yesterday so it was a good game. My husband got me hooked on this team when we started dating and I enjoy watching the game but often times the Jets break my heart! The readathon was great fun but I learned I have to manage my time a bit better. It's wonderful to have an excuse to read, read, read for hours on end!

    Willoughby: You made me laugh with your story of getting your calico in the carrier! Yep, some of our cats really fight it. Hopefully the 2nd time will be a charm with Belle!
    I'm not too tired now but I know I'll be in bed VERY early tonight!

    Literary Feline: The marathon was very fun! It's hard to manage reading, posting updates the challenges and visiting other blogs! Now that I have participated in one readathon I know a little better how to manage next time. It's a really great idea!

  11. The Bumbles: I think a break from reading for a short time is a good idea. And if you are so busy and having so much fun that you don't have time to read, now that's a good vacation! And quality time with the kitties beats any reading (I thiunk!) Good to have you back here!

    Vivienne: The readathon was a lot of fun. I hope you can join the next one.

    Pesky Cat: Bob is very happy you noticed him! He has taken to our bed like a duck to water! It was fun having so much time to read! I promise I'll be by to visit soon!

    Diane: lol Aren't cats funny?! I used to have a cat who hate plants and then got sick. I wonder why they do that?!
    It was hard not to sleep. I fell asleep for a bit around mid-night! You really read a lot! I am so impressed, great job!

  12. Bob is huge!! I have never heard of a cat with allergies; how ironic considering how many people are allergic to cats!