Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Reader Confession!

This is a meme started by Ti at Book Chatter and other stuff. The idea behind it is:

1. Whenever you have something you want to share, just spill it (you know you want to). Just create a post of your own, link it to Book Chatter and other stuff and add your post link to Mister Linky there.

2. You don't have to post every Saturday. Post when you have something to share.

3. Posts can be rants about something you are reading, or a deep, dark secret. The post must relate to reading or blog reading in some way.

4. Posts can be as short or as long as you like and can include more than one topic. The goal is to get to know one another better.

Last week Ti posted in Book Chatter and Other Stuff about Commenting Etiquette and bloggers commenting in other blogs . My issue/question is sort of related to that since it is also about comments.

I am wondering whether or not bloggers who comment on posts in other blogs return to read the blog owner's comment responses to their comments. (jeez, this is a little confusing).

I am asking about this because I noticed when I started blogging that many bloggers respond to the comments left in their blogs by other bloggers. So I started to do the same in my blog. But I wondered if the bloggers who commented returned to read my response to their comment. I wasn't sure mostly because I don't always go back and see if bloggers responded to my comments since I don't always have the time and/or I don't always remember that I commented.

At one point, I wasn't able to get back to my blog until the next day. By then it seemed kind of late to respond to comments left by bloggers the day before. I felt bad thinking maybe some bloggers had come back to see if I responded and when I didn't for quite a while gave up! I responded anyway but wished I could get in touch and thank them for visiting my blog and commenting.

Then I discovered that I could also email the bloggers who commented in my blog. I started emailing some until I discovered that some bloggers have no reply emails or no emails connected to their blogs. So I went back to responding to bloggers comments in my blog but also emailing some bloggers who have email.

Is there a right or wrong way to do this? Am I missing something here? My blog isn't really new anymore (I started my blog almost 3 months ago) but I'm still getting used to how things are done in blog world. I plan to continue responding to comments in my blog and through email unless I'm completely missing the mark somehow or offending bloggers!

Ti, I hope I did this right and Thank you for this meme!



  1. About 90% of the time I go back to see if there is a response to comments I have left. I do try to respond to all comments left on my blog even if it a day you, I want that person to know I appreciated their taking the time to respond to a post. After about nine months blogging, I am still learning new things too:)

  2. hi Amy I have the same concern about this. I think that you can ask Blogger to email you when someone comments on any post at all (this should be under the Comments tab. That way you can keep on top of things. For me personally I don't do this as I already have three email addresses and get 100s mostly work related emails a day so I couldn't cope with the extra layer but it might work for you. Happy reading xox

  3. I usually try to return and see if the blogger whose blog I commented on said something back to me, especially if it's a blog where I've noticed the blogger responding in the comments before. I try not to get frustrated if they haven't responded, not everybody does or does every time, and I'm not always as good or as timely at responding to people who comment on my blog as I wish I was. Even if a day (or a few days!) have passed, I do try to reply to people who comment on my blog mostly because it's something I enjoy when other people do it on their blogs. And I'm going to end this comment now, because I think I may really be starting to confuse myself. ;-)

  4. You know, sometimes I go back, and sometimes I don't. It has everything to do with my available time, and whether I said anything clever. (I figure one of my blah comments probably didn't get much of a response.) I try pretty hard to respond to comments on my blog for the last couple of days. I have yet to exclusively respond via e-mail. Some people do the e-mail thing as a rule, and I think that is great!

    That post of Ti's was great. I took it and ran a different direction. I realized that yes, I am guilty of receiving great comments from people and not responding in kind. I am trying to do a better job of reciprocating. I just love Ti!

  5. I've wondered the same thing myself! I often reply by email but I am trying to reply to comments a bit more too. I am doing a mini-blog update which will include threaded comments so my reply habits are about to improve.

    I don't think there is a right or wrong way but when they don't sign-in and there is no email to contact them with, then you sort of have to just post a comment and hope they see it.

    Thanks for posting a confession/issue today. My brain goes spongy on the weekend so it's nice to get the wheels turning.

  6. Book Psmith: I realize an added benefit to asking this question is now I know people go back to see if the blogger responded to their comment. That makes me more concerned about being sure I respond. So in 6 months I will still be learning about how things work here in blog land...hmmmm...okay!

    Jane: Thank you! I will look into that. If I was getting 100s of emails I wouldn't sign up for it either. I am happy to know this is an issue for other bloggers too.

    Megan: Just knowing that people return to see if their comment was responded to helps me a lot...I'll be more sure to respond even if it takes me a few days. The other thing that's been happening for me is that the more I visit blogs and comment the better I am getting at knowing the blog and it's blogger so I'm not forgetting where I commented. When I first started blogging I would forget on what blogs I commented so going back to see if I received a response was a little bit of a nightmare. I had to keep notes! Thank you so much for your input.

    Sandy: I find it hard to believe that you could leave a boring comment. I understand not responding to comments every single time a blogger comments or not reciprocating a visit every time a blogger visits your blog.. The only bloggers that upset me are the ones that never ever respond to comments in some way or never visit my blog even though I visit theirs frequently - It's the same idea as "He's Just Not That Into You. If a blogger doesn't respond to you or visit your blog ever, maybe They're Not That into Your Blog! (LOL)

    Ti: Thank you for coming by! I like replying by email but that can be very time consuming! I'm not sure what threaded comments are but I think I'll find out! Have a good rest of the weekend!

  7. I tend to respond to comments on my own blog. For me, it's a continuation of the discussion. Someone might say something or ask a question that another commenter or visitor may have had. I rarely e-mail in response unless it warrants it. I almost always respond to every comment (unless I'm terribly behind or its the type of post where all the comments are basically the same--then I do one big comment to everyone). It may take me a while to respond (days even), but I do.

    I always return to a blog to see if the blogger responded to a comment I left her or him. There's a nifty little feature on many blogs that allow for a commenter to subscribe to the comments and that's often what I end up doing. The comments then come right to my e-mail so I don't have to worry about missing a response to my comment. The downside is I end up with a lot of e-mail because I receive everyone else's comments too. I don't really mind though. I enjoy reading through other people's comments and I can always skim or delete if they don't interest me.

    On those blogs that don't have the feature that allows me to subscribe to comments, I belong to a service called which allows me to keep track of the blogs I comment on or to continue following the discussion. I can then go back and check for responses at my leisure.

    As for which I prefer, e-mail responses or in comments, I don't mind either--in fact welcome them (I know one blogger who does both each time). I love it when someone takes the time to respond to a comment I've made, even it's a simple thank you. I understand that people are busy so I don't take it personally if they don't, but it does put a smile on my face. I'm more likely to leave comments on blogs where the blogger does interact with the readers. It doesn't mean I stop reading blogs where the blogger doesn't respond (or occasionally comment on my blog), I just am more likely to lurk.

  8. Funny you should bring this up because I posted a survey on my blog a few months ago. I was wondering if anyone came back to my comment section looking for a response. More than half said they did. For myself, sometimes I go back to see if the blogger responded to a comment I made, sometimes I don't (I know, not a very helpful answer!).

    I read each and every comment I get, but I'm not really good at responding to them. It's something I need to work on.

  9. I always answer comments to my own posts and to make sure that I don't miss any responses I do check the "email comments" box. I can't always remember which blogs that I made comments on and this does help. Not every blogger will comment on the comments that people leave, but I really like to. Eventually, you do realize who does not comment back and stop looking for them.

  10. Hi!
    I don't really go back and check if there is a response to a comment I made. If someone comes to my blog, I go to there blog and leave a comment for them there. Have a great day!


  11. I do try to respond to comments on my own blog..usually several at one time like you did in your post Amy. Otherwise, all the comments would be mine. or at least half.
    But I do try to keep a feeling of a discussion ongoing.

    Do I check to see if anyone responded to my comments on other blogs? Only if, like Sandy, I said something I thought was rather clever. So not too
    But if so, I try to remember to check for that little e-mail thingie, or I will certainly forget where I said it.

  12. Literary Feline: Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful response. You and several of the other bloggers who commented on my post have helped me understand that it's okay if I can't respond to comments right away. If it takes a few days that's okay. I am happy to know that because I do like to respond. You also reminded me of something I wanted to mention but forgot: that the comments do sometimes generate further comments or discussion by bloggers which I think is great. That's another reason, in my opinion, responding to bloggers comments is important.

    I didn't realize all of the helpful resources for remembering comments, or which blogs you commentd in and responses to comments. Thank you to everyone who let me know about these aides!

    Willoughby: Thank you for your answer, I did find it helpful and know I am not alone in trying to figure this all out! You are great about commenting on bloggers posts. I know I can count on see a good comment from you. I love that! No worries about not always responding to comments in your own blog, apparently there are several different ways to comment :o)

    Kathy: I noticed you always respond and I think that's great. Unfortunately there are some people who never comment or respond to comments or reciprocate visit. It is difficult to remember all the blogs I comment in but it's becoming easier as I get to know bloggers and now, thanks to you and other bloggers I know there are helpful resources, too, such as email.

    Sherrie:That's another way to respond to a blogger's comment, to go to their blog and leave a comment. I like to visit the blogs of new commenters and find it disappointing when they don't have a link connected to their name.
    Thank you for visiting my blog & commenting!

  13. Oh my goodness. I haven't been as good about this as I clearly should be! I do try to email and I sometimes respond in comments if it seems like a comment that needs a response. But I'm not good about going back to check responses to my comments. I can hardly keep up with the new posts! Back to that business we talked about before where I need to cut back on the number of blogs I follow!