Saturday, October 24, 2009

Webcomics, Nymeth's Challenge!

Get Fuzzy is my favorite comic. I've been reading it for years and find it very entertaining!

It's about a guy named Rob, his dog, Satchel and his cat, Bucky.
Bucky thinks he is much smarter than everyone else (he's not!), he has a severew spelling problem, is obsessed with a local ferret, adores tuna, makes poor Satchel life pretty hellish because Satchel isn't very smart and is very sweet.

It's a very funny cartoon most days with Bucky making life a headache for Rob and not understanding why Rob gets upset with him.

In today's episode, Bucky got into trouble so Rob told him he had to stay in the closet. Satchel is guarding the closet to make sure Bucky doesn't get out. But Bucky gets hungry....

Check out Nymeth's blog, Things mean a lot for many other webcomics!


  1. Even though I'm not doing the readathon, I'm going to check out Nymeth's list. Happy reading!