Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Salon, October 11th!

It's been a quiet week around here. The cats are behaving, for the most part. Little Betsy is finally being accepted by the rest of the feline lovelies. She's very friendly and wants most of her new brothers and sisters to like her. She's full of energy and anything that moves makes her jump with excitement. Some of our cats, the older ones, aren't used to that. It took Huxley and Daisy a little while to trust her. And poor Magoo! Betsy decided early on that she was going to befriend him. She follows him everywhere! At first he would run from her, but that only made her chase him. He's finally calmed down and realized she's not trying to harm him. Now they're buddies! Betsy doesn't like Dopey. But Dopey is an acquired taste and he has a terrible habit of growling at and chasing the other cats when he is in a bad mood which is often. So Dopey isn't very popular in this house. Hopefully, Dopey will grow out of being a bully soon!

We haven't taken the calico who lost her tail to the vet yet. We wanted to build up trust with Belle first.(we are calling her Belle because she is so pretty). We feed her everyday, sometimes twice a day and that gives us the opportunity to check on her tail. It isn't infected and doesn't seem to bother her. But we don't want to wait too much longer. We're hoping to bring her to the vet this week.

We have become good friends with some neighbors who also rescue cats, give homes to many and find homes for others. They live about 4 doors down from us and have 12 cats. They also feed several other stray cats who don't want homes. After comparing notes, we discovered that we both feed many of the same strays! What a coinkydink that we live so close to each other! They own an on-line bookstore called Run for Cover that sells a variety of genres such as history, philosophy, economics and some fiction. Please feel free to check them out. They're very nice people.

I'm finishing The Possibility of Everything, a memoir by Hope Edelman and reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I saw the movie recently and it's wonderful but I'd forgotten how much better the book is because you're privy to the thoughts of the second Mrs. de Winter! I am also reading Confections of a Closet Master Baker by Gesine Bullock-Prado which makes me laugh and also makes me hungry for cake, cookies and all sorts of sweet goodies! Gesine Bullock -Prado also has a blog - Confections. I have several reviews to write this week including my review for The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan.

The JETS play Miami tomorrow night. It should be a good game. I hope Sanchez is on his game tomorrow! The Giants trounced the poor Raiders today (sorry Lisa!).

I hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. I love all the kitty updates. I hope your new darling continues to settle in and that Belle gets her check up. Rebecca was a good one. Enjoy!

  2. I love the kitty updates too! You are such a kind soul to take care of so many, and is awesome that you found your like-minded neighbors!

  3. It's great to hear the update on little Betsy. I'm so glad she is being accepted by the rest of the kitties. She sounds like such a sweetheart.
    Amy, you are so kind to take care of so many cats. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. You deserve it. :)

  4. Hi Amy,
    You know I love to hear about the kitties. Glad Betsy is being accepted by the others. Each kitty has his or her own personality, but somehow they learn to get along in their own way.

  5. I just had a little visitor at my feet. I felt a nudge on my knee, looked down and there was Parker. He usually goes straight for my husband so his visit was an extra special treat. :-) I am glad Betsy is being accepted by the other cats in the house. Kittens are so much fun. I hope Belle's vet visit this week goes well.

    How neat that you live so close to another family that rescues cats--and booklovers at that!

    I'm looking forward to reading your review of The Day the Falls Stood Still, Amy. I need to hurry up and finish my current book so I can post my review on time this week.

    I hope you have a great week, Amy!

  6. No wonder those strays don't want a home--it would cut their eats down significantly!

    Oh my poor Raiders! It's harder being a Raider fan than being a Cub fan. But at least my Cornhuskers beat the evil Tigers from Missouri this week!

  7. HI Amy I love Rebecca both film and book - Daphne Du Maurier was really good at that non cheesy gothic horror. I wonder have you read 'Rebecca's Tale' by Sally Beauman, written in 2001, it is a sequel to Rebecca, and officially approved by the Du Maurier estate whatever that means. It is a very interesting evocative book.

  8. I'm glad to hear the other cats are accepting Betsy. It takes a while, sometimes.

    While I was reading your post, I was thinking that you must go through a ton of cat food with your own cats and the strays you feed! When we were feeding our two cats and a few dozen strays we would go through nearly a bag a day. Of course, we found out that a few raccoons and possums were helping themselves to a snack every night! We only have one cat now and he's an old guy (he turned 20 in August) so he doesn't eat much.

  9. Nicole: You have many different names! I am happy you enjoy the kitty updates. I could write many posts on them but I try to keep it reasonable! Belle will get her check-up. We especially want to get her to the vet before it gets much colder out.

    Sandy: Thank you! Sometimes it gets a little chaotic and stressful with the kitties but I just look at one of those cute little faces, my heart melts and I'll do whatever I have to to keep them safe & happy. Amazing about our neighbors, isn't it?

    Pesky Cat: Thank you so much! A definite perk to having this blog is all the cat and animal lovers I've met who enjoy hearing about my kitties. And I'm always happy when I meet someone who has a cat or two because then I know another kitty has a warm & safe place to live and love. Thank you, as always, for cisiting my blog. I will be posting more pix of Betsy soon!

    Sweet Virginia: I am so happy that Betsy is fitting in here, too. You're right that all of the cats, despite being felines, all have different personalities so I've learned over the years that when a new cat comes into the mix it can take several months for everyone to settle in. Sadie is the most difficult about accepting a new brother or sister. She actually gets mad at us and hides for a while!

  10. Literary Feline: How sweet Parker is, he must have needed some Mommy love. Huxley likes to rub on my feet and against my legs when I'm on the computer. Betsy is fun to watch when she wants to play - a ball of energy! But my favorite time is when she's tired because she likes to curl up near my husband or me and she still has that loud kitten purr like a motor!

    It's wonderful that we have cat lovers and rescuers nearby. We've been trading many stories and ideas about the strays.

    Lisa:I'm happy for you that at least one of your teams is doing well. I feel badly for the Raiders even though I don't root for them.
    You make a good point about the strays- and some of them are chubby!

    Jane: Thank you for telling me about "Rebecca's Tale" I am not familiar with that book. I'm going to look it up and read it soon. Thank you!

    Willoughby: It's funny that you mention raccoons because a couple have been sniffing around here and also by our cat-loving neighbors and trying to eat some of the cat food!
    My husband and I marvel at the amount of cat food we go through in a week and how expensive it gets. But I admit that we tend to feed some of the cats too much. We have started curtailing the amount of food some of them eat. Sadie, for instance, has become a little fatty! She's put on too much weight, though, so even though she looks adorable she's on a diet! We want all the cats, ours and the strays to be happy but food isn't the right way to do that!
    Your cat is 20? wow, a nice ripe old age, he's quite happy with you!
    It's wonderful that you used to feed so many cats - you know what it's like for me then!

  11. Your house sounds busy and cozy like usual. We were in SF for the weekend-I need to get posting as it was a slow post week-I have just arisen so I need a walk and some breakfast first.

  12. We re-potted the plants and brought them in and watched the Ravens play the Bengals.
    Glad all your kitties have settled in and are getting along. (Just like kids, aren't they!?)
    I'm reading WEDLOCK, by Wendy Moore for book club. I'm bored stiff.

  13. How lovely to hear that Betsy is settling in well. I do love to hear about your cats. I have just finished reading Rebecca and really enjoyed it. Have a great week.

  14. Esme: It's so good to see your name here. I'm sure you had a nice weekend in SF, it's good to get away! I hoe the law is treasting you well :o)

    Kathya: Hi! It's that time of the year when you have to protect your plants from the cold. I always like watching some football on Sunday even if the Jets aren't playing. I'm not familiar with Wedlock and I guess I won't be reading it!

    Vivienne: Hi! I'm almost finished Rebecca and I got a huge surprise at one part near the end that I completely forgot about! I'm happy so many bloggers like to hear about the kitties because I love them and have a lot to say about them!