Monday, October 12, 2009

Romantic Movie

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This meme is hosted by Molly and Andy at The Bumbles Blog. Today's topic is True Romance in honor of Molly and Andy's Anniversary - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! They ask if you could live any movie's love story, which would it be?
I can't say that this is the love story I'd want for my life but I just love Annie Hall with Woody Allen and Diane Keaton.
In this movie the neurotic comedian, Alvy Singer tries to maintain a relationship with the ditsy but sweet Annie. We see the course of their relationship over many years including flashbacks and imaginary trips into each other's history which provides much of the humor in the film. Ultimately, they break up realizing they are too different. Annie moves to CA and moves in with a record company exec. played by Paul Simon. Alvy realizes how much he really loves her and tries to get her to move back to NY and move in with him. He does not prevail and writes a play about their relationship which ends with him winning Annie back.
Annie eventually returns to NY. They are both dating other people by then and are able to be friends.
I loved this move because it shows the quirky, wacky side of relationships, the awkwardness, the ridiculous arguments, the extent we all go too, good and bad to be accepted and to make relationships work. I'm also a big fan of Woody Allen's movies.
Another great romantic movie by Woody Allen is Manhattan with Muriel Hemingway.


  1. Its nice when movies show the less than perfect side of life isn't it? And after all, if you don't have laughter, how enjoyable can it be? Nice choice - even better explanation.

  2. My kids had a 70's dance when they were in grade school. Everyone came as either a hippy from the early 70's or in disco gear from the late 70's. I came as Annie Hall and had to keep explaining myself. Glad to see someone else recalls this movie fondly!

  3. Your description of this one as showing the "wacky side of relationships, the awkwardness, the ridiculous arguments" makes it sound quite appealing, Amy. And how true to life. It's not wonder you picked this movie to highlight.

  4. You know I've never seen this movie? And I call myself a movie lover! I do like Diane Keaton...she is the epitome of wacky, in an endearing sort of way. Loved her in Baby Boom. I'm going to have to put it on my list!

  5. I saw this ages ago -- before I think I could really fully understand it. I do remember the lobster scene though! I like that it isn't a "neat" movie ... more like real life. And I've always liked Diane Keaton.

  6. The Bumbles: Thank you so much! You picked a great theme (and Happy Anniversary!) I love Woody Allen's filmsand I love the quirky, complex, messy side of life because that's real. More often than not in romance the heart wants an odd match - the much older person, the person 3000 miles away, the person with the absolutely wrong religion (according to your mother!) etc. and very often that wierd relationship is portrayed in WA's films. Hey, I happened to see Say Anything the other night!

    Lisa: What a disappoitment! Annie Hall is a classic, an award winning movie and just fantastic! Glad you educated some people and great costume choice!

    Literary Feline: Thank you! Annie Hall is a great, bizarre, fun movie. The scene when she (Diane Keaton) takes Woody Allen's character home to her familie's house for dinner is PRICELESS. That he continued to go out with her after that night is testament to how much he liked her!

    Sandy: Oh wow, you have to see Annie Hall. Please let me know when you do! I hope you like it. But I know plenty of wonderful people who don't like Woody Allen's movies so no worries if it's not for you. My dad was a huge fan of WA so I was practically raised on his films. My husband and I went on our first date to a WA fim, though it wasn't really first date material...oh well! We get a good laugh out of it now!

    Jenners: The lobster scene is a great one! Woody Allen isn't for everyone and that's okay. He is definitely an odd man. You might like it now. But many people tell me his humor is very New York humor so...No worries! If you do see Annie Hall again, let me know!

  7. I've never seen Annie Hall, but it sounds like a movie I would like. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a movie's love story that I would like to live out. That's a tough one!