Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bob Goes to the Vet!

Bob went to the Vet today, finally! He was here when we woke up this morning so we knew today was the day. Bob didn't protest or put up a fight when Sam picked him up and put him in the cat carrier. I felt so badly for Bob because he looked scared! His beautiful eyes were as big as saucers as he sat inside the carrier looking around, seeming lost. Bob meowed a few times on the way to the Vet ,which took a little longer than usual because of construction traffic.

When we arrived at the Vet, we had to wait a few minutes. Two adorable black Pug puppies, brother and sister, were scampering around the waiting room while their owner made an appointment for them. The puppies kept running up to the cat carrier and trying to stick their little noses through the holes. They were very interested in Bob. Bob didn't get upset. He just watched them quietly. The puppies had leashes on and one of them kept picking his up in his mouth and running to the other end of the room as if he was taking himself for a walk!

In the exam room, Bob was scared. He kept trying to jump off the exam table and, when he was finally allowed to get on the floor, he went right to the door and stood there just waiting for someone to open it. (That's what he does here when he wants to leave...we usually open the door for him!) Bob weighs 11.9 lbs ( he looks bigger!). Bobs breathing issues, hiccups snoring and stuffed nose are all being caused by a polyp in his throat area. The Vet said that Bob isn't in pain but it's causing him some discomfort. So we left Bob at the Vet today. She did an in-office procedure today and removed the polyp from Bob's throat. It may grow back but hopefully it won't. Bob also got neutered today, (our neighbors told us he was neutered but, apparently this wasn't the case!) had his ears cleaned and was de-fleaed! No wonder cats don't like going to the Vet! lol

The Vet called a little while ago to tell us that Bob's procedures went well and he was resting comfortably. Sam is picking Bob up this evening and bringing him back here. We'll see if he still like's us and trusts us! LOL

In the first picture below, you can see that Bob has his head in a large catnip container. The second picture is the aftermath of ingesting a lot of catnip!


  1. Bob may not have been happy about the visit but it sounds like it was good for him.

  2. awww-poor kitty! I always feel so bad when I have to take my cat to the vet-I feel her pain vicariously. I actually winced when they...I can't even speak of it. It's too horrible. :-0
    Glad Bob is well though!

  3. The before and after photos are PRICELESS!!!
    I'm glad to know that Bob's ordeal is over. Let's see if he stays home tonight rather than "cattin'" around!

  4. Well, you've done what is best for the guy, and you gave him a little high afterwards for good behavior! I love your cat stories! Bob is lucky to have found you.

  5. You both are the best for taking care of so many kitties! Glad to hear Bob is doing well. He will be coming home better than ever thanks to you!
    My Anni starts to cry the minute she is put into her carrier. I have to walk about 2 blocks to get to the Vet and they are the longest blocks I ever have to walk. :)

  6. Happy to know Bog is better, and will soon be his ole' self again!

  7. Sounds like Bob had quite a day, poor thing!

  8. Well, all kids of every species hate going to doctors! But then they forgive their parents, especially when they get to stick their heads in catnip!

  9. Poor Bob had quite a traumatic day! Glad to know that he got all his problems taken care of and is feeling better. I'm sure he will forgive you.

  10. Poor Bob, but lucky for him he has you and Sam who care--cute pictures...LOL

  11. It is such a shame that animals don't realise how good vets are for them. I hope Bob is home safe and sound soon.

  12. bermudaonion: Exactly right! But I think he's feeling better,too! He acted like himself when we got him home which is a good sign, I think!

    Amy: I agree with you. I don't like to stay in the exam room because I feel so bad for my cats. I wish I could talk to them about what's happening. I am always happy when my cat's vet visit is over with!

    KathyA: LOL Good question! Bob stayed all night. He left a couple of times to take care of things (he doesn't really like litter boxes. I don't blame him!) but he was still here this morning sleeping. He's very tired & very quiet! No more funny noises!

    Sandy: Thank you! He was tired after the vet ordeal but we thought he deserved aa treat and the vet said some catnip was okay. He loves it. And then he passed out for hours! lol

    Pesky Cat Designs: Awww, poor Anni and poor you! It's awful when they cry in the carrier. I want to open the door and let them out! It's great that your vet is only 2 blocks away even though I am sure it feels very far away sometimes.
    Bob is doing really well, thank you =o)

    Purple Flowers: No worries, I knew who Bog was! I always have typos in my posts and comments! Thank you for stopping by and for your support. Bob appreciates it and sends a meow to Zack!

    Nicole: He is very happy it's over and done with. Bob is also feeling much better. Thank you for stopping by!

    rhapsodyinbooks: A treat like catnip is a sure way to be forgiven for taking Bob to the vet!

    Sweet Virginia Breeze: Bon spent the night after lots of food and some cat so I think we're forgiven! lol Hopefully as the days go by and he feels better and better, Bob will forget about his visit to the vet!

    Diane: Thank you! lol These pictures made me laugh. They're not Bob at his "prettiest" but they're funny! Bob is feeling better and his breathing problems are gone which is great!

    JoAnn: It sure was! We're all so glad it's over!

    Vivienne: Bob is home now and all better! These are the times when I wish the cats could understand me, just long enough for me to explain why I'm taking them to the vet. Oh well, Bob is all better now. Thank you for visiting!

  13. Aww, Bob looks cute! I am sure he will be feeling much better once that polyp is removed and he can breathe easier. He is a wonderful addition to your family, and I know will get lots of love! You guys are angels.....

  14. Catnip is like medical marijuana. LOL.
    I'm so glad you took Bob to the doc. He will be ship shape in no time.

  15. Bahahahaha! Love those photos. Bob sure was a trooper. I bet for a while that day he was wondering why he adopted you.

  16. You give Bob back that giant tub of catnip and he'll forgive you! Cat looks stoned out his mind!

  17. Thanks for sharing the story about Bob! I am sure he will be so much happier when he comes home. Once he realized how good he feels and can actually breath well he will forgive you for the "torture".

  18. That last picture is hilarious. I hope Bob's doing better now!