Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Salon 11.15.09

I'm trying to forget the very disappointing JETS game I just watched. It started out badly and, although it looked like it might end well, it didn't. The final score was 24 - 22 Jaguars win. Ugh! Another bummer of a JETS game and this one cannot be blamed on bad weather! Tonight the New England Patriots play the Indianapolis Colts. This has the potential to be a very exciting game!

I haven't been a very good blogger this week. I am sorry to all you great bloggers who have stopped by my blog to visit. I'm glad that I, at least, left some very adorable kitten pictures to view if you did come by! We got the tail end of some tropical storm or something halfway through the week which resulted in damp, cold, humid, muggy awful weather, either raining or threatening to rain. Those of you who have arthritis know what a killer this kind of weather is for the joints. Between my arthritis pain and my general bone pain I wasn't feeling great. On Wednesday I went into the city for a couple of doctor appointments that weren't quite what I expected them to be. I left a little bewildered and surprised, with a lot to think about and figure out. But I also have the possibility for some physical therapy and, even better, water therapy. Since I love to swim, the latter is very intriguing! The rest of the week I was in a sort of funk, just kind of blah. I was hoping to work it out with a good book but I had a lot of difficulty finding something that I liked and really wanted to read. I couldn't seem to connect with anything. And let me tell you, I tried a lot of different books! I have a stack next to my bed of about 15 books of which I read the first 50 pages or so trying to find one that would grab my attention and drag me out of my funk. Nothing really worked. Then I discovered I had a cold so I've been sleeping quite a bit. But at least my funk seems to have lifted!

A couple of days ago I started reading a book I in the mail last week,
Double Take by Kevin Michael Connolly. Kevin is a young man who was born in Montana in 1985 without legs. As a young man, he traveled around the world taking pictures of people staring at him. The pictures are part of the "Rolling Exhibition" . Kevin talks about his experiences growing up without legs and the adaptability issues he encountered, as well as traveling the world taking pictures of people staring in his book. I was intrigued particularly because I completely understand being stared at, or more like gawked at, by people. I have had numerous surgeries on my legs and they are covered with scars. Additionally, because my bones are very weak they have a tendency to bow. Always have. When I go out I often get stared at, especially in warm weather when my legs aren't always covered up. It doesn't bother me anymore but as a child it bothered me a lot. I used to make faces at people who stared at me and stuck my tongue out at many of them to my poor mother's embarrassment! My uncle taught me to walk up to the really obvious gawkers and say things like "Shark Bite" or "Knife Fight". When my mother heard me doing that she was really not happy! LOL I'm enjoying this book, it's well-written, interesting and funny. Kevin Connolly has a website as well at Kevin Michael Connolly.

The Kitty Cats are doing well. Poor Bob has a bad cold so he's definitely going to the vet this week so long as we can get him there! (This will be quite the adventure I'm sure!) Betsy has decided that Magoo is her playmate despite Magoo not being completely on board with this plan. And Hennessey, who found a cat colony to hang out with behind some houses, has been spending more time with us again. She's sort of the prodigal cat come home and it's nice to have her back! I have some great new photos to share with you and will do so soon! You might even get to see me! LOL

I hope you are all enjoying weekend! Can you believe it's almost time for Thanksgiving?!
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I'm glad to hear Double Take's so good because it's in my TBR pile.

  2. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, Amy. I'm noticing a lot of people are suffering because of the cold. I woke up with a really sore back yesterday. It's still pretty sore today. I haven't a clue why. I don't remember doing anything to it.

    Sounds like your reading is going about the same as mine lately. :-( I am glad you are reading again though.

    Double Take sounds like a really interesting book. What a great idea the author had! What sort of camera did he use, do you know? Did his subjects know he was taking photos of them?

    I am glad the cats are doing well. I do hope Bob is feeling better soon and that you don't have too much trouble getting him to the vet. Anya re-discovered a toy mouse recently and has been taking it all over the house with her, playing with it now and then. She's so adorable. :-)

    I hope you have a great week, Amy!

  3. Double Take sounds very interesting. I am sorry about your arthritis and bone pain. I hope you're feeling well now that the storm has passed!

  4. I have not read Double Take but sort of relatedly, I did read (and love) John Hockenberry's memoirs, "Moving Violations: War Zones, Wheelchairs, and Declarations of Independence." The paraplegic issues, the adaptability issues, the staring-at issues: it's just an amazing story, and full of his wonderful sense of humor in spite what could be a very sad tale.

  5. No! I CANNOT believe it's almost Thanksgiving! Time is flying by.
    Sorry you were in a funk, but with the weather we've been having who can blame you. It's been bleak!! Today we had sun here. YAY!!
    I came up here to check my emails -- couldn't take much more of the Eagles game. Talk about depressing.
    Give all the kitties hugs for me.

  6. I think Ida worked her lovely magic on the entire eastern portion of the US. It just brought the type of weather that made you want to stay indoors and sleep! I'm feeling uneasy about these doctor's appointments, and hope everything is OK. I think about you alot. You are really an amazing person, to have overcome everything in your life. Try not to let it get you down...and when it does, go hug a warm kitten.

  7. I am so sorry that you have not been feeling well! When you are feeling so bad, please post and give us a chance to cheer you up! I know that Seashell and I are here to help at any time!

    We were visiting Shell's Grandpa in the rehab today and saw the end of the game. It was a sad loss. Those poor Jets looked so shocked. My brother-in-law has season tickets and goes to every home game, so we knew he was not to happy.

    Kittys are sick too?! Let us know how you get Bob to the vet, it should be a very interesting story!

    Don't forget, we are here for you!

  8. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well, and that none of the books captured your attention. Here's hoping for a better week ahead...take care.

  9. Looking forward to the pictures of your cats. I hope you are feeling better. The rainy days can be difficult with arthritis, however, I hope your water therapy turns into a reality, and you get to go. That should be good for you!

  10. I always look forward to your posts and updates about your kitties. Glad you are well. I hope your legs do not give you any pain these days.

    Enjoy your new book. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. :)

  11. Poor you. You sound so poorly this week. I hope next week finds you better.

  12. Bermudaonion: I hope you like it. I haven't finished it yet, but it's very good. The author doesn't feel sorry for himself and he has a good sense of humor and a great attitude. I look forward to your thoughts about the book!

    Literary Feline: Anya sounds adorable playing with her mouse! I love when they get so absorbed in a toy. Betsy has been playing with anything and everything lately, it's so cute!
    I have been sleeping a lot for me lately so I think I'm definitely fighting a cold, maybe a light virus. But with our weird weather it's no surprise colds & viruses ar going around.
    I hope your back feels better today!

    I'm not sure what kind of camera Kevin Connolly used but he took the photos while people were staring at him. He didn't ask their permission and they weren't posed. He includes several of the pictures in the book, at the beginning of each chapter.
    I'll be in touch =o) Thank you!

    Laughing Stars: Good to see you! Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your kind words about my pain. Fortunately, drs are paying more attention to patient's pain andd what can be done about it.
    I will be reviewing Double Take in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully you'll have a chance to read it!

    Rhapsodyinbooks: John Hockenberry's memoir is a great book! "Moving Violations" made a huge impact on me. It's a more comprehensive, thorough book about Hockenberry's life than Double Take is about Kevin Connolly's life. Hockenberry is such an interesting and inspiring man. I couldn't believe some of the things I read that he went through as a war reporter overseas to get the story, such as crawling around on the ground when he wasn't able to use his wheelchair.

    KathyA: This weather is unbelievable - almost 70 degrees yesterday and like an early spring day today!
    I think I'm coming out of my funk, Yay! I hate when I get in those moods!
    Not a good football day for you either, uh?
    Consider the kitties hugged! lol Great to see you here!

  13. Sandy: Thank you so much! There's nothing to worry about but I need to make some decisions. I'll be in touch. Your support and concern are so very appreciated. You know I love to hug a warm kitty!

    Kathy: Thank you to you and Seashell. I will be sure to post the next time I am under the weather, would love to hear from you.
    Your poor brother-in-law but the Jets quarterback is a rookie and needs time to learn the game (so I'm told!)
    Bob will hopefully be going to the vet tomorrow. We're ready, the Vet is ready so we'll just see what Bob does!

    JoAnn: Thank you! Not every week can go well, right? It makes the other weeks much better!

    Purple Flowers: I am looking forward to the water therapy! I should hear from the rehab people this week. I'll post the photos soon and may change some on the sidebar as well!

    Pesky Cat Designs: Thank you! I seem to be enjoying my books again (thank goodness!) and the weather is like Spring! It's weird to say things like "A Balmy Novemner in NY!" but I'll take it! I feel much less pain on days like today too!

    Vivienne: I hope so too! I am sure I'll feel better. Thank you for visiting!