Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 11.11.09

"Mama" Huxley with Gidget and Lola on moving day!


  1. Snuggling creatures always melt the heart.

  2. Adorable...I thought the big one was a stuffed animal! Holly at LLL

  3. Very very cute, Amy! There is nothing cuter than a mama with her babies!

  4. That is sweetest thing I've ever seen!

  5. Awww, I love those cute little pink noses!

  6. They are all so precious! Love how they snuggle together. When my Beatrice was alive I wanted her to snuggle with my Anni but she only wanted to snuggle with me. So Anni decided she would not be her friend and would sneak up slowly and hit her on the head when she was sleeping to let her know she was displeased. lol

  7. I just loves 'piles o kitties'!! Moving day?

  8. Now I remember why I loved cats when I was little! As soon as I moved out, I completely lost control of my allergy to them and have never been able to be around them since. Boo hoo!

  9. Diane: They are cute, aren't they?! The big, white cat is actualy my male cat, Huxley and the twi little ones are siblings, boy and girl. My husband and I found them on a neighbor's outdoor porch two years ago in winter, huddled together in a flowwer pot for warmth. They were so adorable. When we brought them inside, the little black one attached herself to Huxley immediately and soon so did the little white one.

    Joann: Thank you, I think so too!

    Bermudaonion: Aren't they? I took so many photos of these three together!

    The Bumbles: I love when they sleep together.

    Charisse and Holly: LOL The big one is Huxley and I think he sometimes looks like a big stuffed animal when he's sleeping! Thank you for coming by!

    Missy: Thank you! Actually, the big cat is a boy and not related to the little ones. But he acts like a mama cat with them, which makes the picture even sweeter I think!

    Sandy: I think so too! I loved to watch them all snuggle together. I have photos somewhere of Huxley, the big one, with his paws wrapped around the little black kitten!

    Kathy: It's hard not pick them up and cuddlre them a lot!

    Melody: I agree, they're precious! Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Holly: I agree, they're so sweet!

    Pesky Cat Designs: Awww, Poor Beatrice! (love the name!) As cute as they can be, they can also be so mean to each other. I have watched several times as one cat has sabotaged another while he's sleeping. I always want my cats to be friends but more often than not they are jealous of each other.

    KathyA: My dream is piles o' kitties. I took this photo a few years ago and we were moving on this day so, of course, the kitties decided to curl up together in the midst of the mess and chaos!

    Lisa: Oh what a disappointment. I have a very slight allergy to them which, fortunately, has lessened as I have aged (yay a benefit to getting old! lol) I can send you all kinds of cute kitty pics, Lisa, just say the word! =o)