Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Salon 11.08.09

It's been a strange week here. We're still coping with the loss of Daisy. It's more difficult, more painful without her because it's become more obvious she's gone. Yet, it also feels like we should be finished grieving because life has continued and everyone has moved on with their lives. But that's what grieving is, I suppose, moving on without your beloved family member, learning to live without them. What really surprised me, too, is how the other loved one's I've lost all came back to grandfather, my dad, several cats and dogs and others I've loved and still do. It saddens me but, even more so, I realize how fortunate I've been and am.

Our neighbor from the other house full of cats, stopped by to see how we're doing without Daisy. He's such a kind man. I call him the "cat whisperer" because he is very calm, quiet and soft-spoken and wherever he goes, 3 or 4 cats are always following behind him! When he stopped by, the cats following him that day, waited on our front stoop for him to come out and then they followed him home! He has a special relationship with many of his cats it seems and reminds me of my husband and his way with our cats.

Dopey, one of our black cats, seems depressed. It sounds weird but cats get depressed. We're wondering if he misses Daisy. He has been sleeping on our bathroom rug which is where Daisy last slept. Dopey has never slept there before. He is usually ravenous but this week he isn't eating much at all and has become picky. And he mopes about instead of chasing his feline siblings. Dopey tends to be rather unkind to most of the other cats and grouchy. I don't like that behavior and Sam tries to stop Dopey from behaving that way. But now that he's moping and barely noticing the other cats, we almost want him to chase them again. Be careful what you wish for, right? A few more days of this and it's off to the vet for Dopey!

I spent a few days in doctor's waiting rooms this week too. Such a drag! I always think I'll got a lot of reading done while I wait but there are so many distractions and interruptions that I find I read the same sentence three or four times until I finally give up and move on to a magazine with short, inconsequential articles that I don't care whether I remember them or not. I don't care for these weeks filled with doctor appointments but I love it when they're all over and my time is my own once again!

I haven't read as much this week as I hoped to. I couldn't decide what I wanted to read so I started several different books but nothing really took. I finished
The Last Lecture. This is a small book but I read it slowly because each chapter or few chapters stand on their own. It's a series of life lessons so I liked thinking about them for a little while after reading them. I am also in the midst of Cherries in Winter which is quite good and another book filled with recipes but instead of baked goods they are dinner entrees. I also wrote several reviews this week which I will be posting.

I tried to visit and comment on blogs that I enjoy this week. It really takes up a lot of time! But so many bloggers have wonderful blogs that I really enjoy. Once I start visiting it's hard to stop. I tend to write too much in comments, too. I have to learn the art of brevity, something i have never been good at as Sam often reminds me!

I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend! The Jets have the weekend off so I can pay more attention to other teams such as the Green Bay Packers without the emotional roller coaster the Jets put me on! lol

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Daisy. I hope that it gets easier to deal with the loss over the coming days. It must be such a sad time for you.

  2. I do believe other cats grieve. We saw that when we lost a couple of our cats. We had alot of moping and non-eating. Poor babies. They don't understand.

    I'm sorry to hear you had to hang at the doctor office this week. Hope everything is OK with you...

    As far as brevity, or lack thereof, that is one issue I have as well. But it is this lack of brevity that makes you so loveable! Don't change!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Daisy. Our pets become such big parts of our lives and to lose them is so sad and difficult. I'll be sending you positive thoughts this week that you will feel better.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss of Daisy. I believe all animals grieve; it's very sad.

  5. I'm sorry about Daisy. I too believe other pets grieve and can be depressed. I feel for all of you!

  6. I'm sure it will take you a while to get over your loss.

  7. Pets get depressed when their buds pass away. It may take awhile for that kitty to move on. Poor thing. It's so hard on everyone. The one thing that helped us is that we had our cat cremated and the kids still talk to him once in a while. The plan was to bury the box in the backyard by the birdbath but when it came time to do it, the kids said they wanted him in the house so he sits by the fireplace.

  8. Of course you're going to miss Daisy! She was a big part of your lives.
    Your fellow catter seems really nice. I think it's neat how the cats follow him.
    The writer of THE LAST LECTURE is/was the son of a colleague of mine. We both taught English in the same school system. It's quite a book.

  9. I don't think you should worry that you're still grieving the loss of Daisy. It's not easy to get over the death of a pet that you love. Our dog died 5 years ago and I still miss her.

    I'm sure that Dopey is missing Daisy, too. Our cat, Chester, was so sad when our other cat, Casey, died, that he would walk around meowing all day and night. I think he was looking for Casey. After a few days we decided he needed a new companion and we got a kitten. It took a while for Chester to warm up to her, but he didn't seem as sad anymore.

  10. Farmlanebooks: Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind comments. I know this is what I have to deal with taking care of so many cats. I would never stop doing it. But it's just difficult for a while after losing one of our furry kids.

    Sandy: I won't change I don't think so no worries! IAww, your poor kitties. It's hard to see them missing a sibling. The dr's visits were mostly routine, thank you...just a few little things here and there. Thanks =o)

    Kathleen: Thank you so much. It's so nice to know that you understand. I know Daisy had a good life and was a happy cat and I have many pics of her!

    Purple Flowers: Thank you! I think you're right, they do grieve. It's times like these that I wish I could speak to them and they understood & vice versa.

    rhapsodyinbooks: Thank you so much, your comments are so sweet and appreciated. As the days pass it will get a little easier. We talk about Daisy alot and remeber her fwith love which really helps.

    Bermudaonion: Yes, I think that's true. It helps to just get sucked into the rythms of the day.

    Ti: That's a good idea! Thank you. Your kids are so sweet, I'm glad you found something that helped them deal with your cats death. I'm going to talk to our vet about the cats grieving when we take one of them this week.

    KathyA: Thank you :o) Paul is a very interesting and kind man, Wow, that's very interesting about Randy Pausch. It is quite a book.

    Willoughby: You and so many other bloggers are wonderful about sharing your stories of losing your pets with me. It helps so much to know I'm not alone. I am also sorry to hear that so many have lost beloved pets but I do think our lives are more enriched for having them. Poor Chester! That was wonderful of you to get a kitten to keep him company