Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Help Feed Animals! Please!

I found this information on Esme's blog, Chocolate & Croissants. It's about helping to feed neglected and abused animals through The Animal Rescue Site. And It's FREE for you. I have seen posts about this on other blogs too. The Animal Rescue Site makes it extremely easy to help out animals not living in loving, caring homes like yours and mine. Simply click the link below, it takes you to The Animal Rescue Site and there you click on the large purple box. That's it! It's so easy, you can't miss it! By clicking this box, you will enable sponsors to provide money for the care and feeding of animals in need. It takes maybe 15 seconds. Please try to go to The Animal Rescue Site everyday and click the purple box or, if not everyday, as often as you can! Here's the web site! Please pass it along to people you know!:

The Animal Rescue Site

This is so important because The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to go to their site and click on the purple box daily so they can meet their quota of getting FREE FOOD donated every day to abused and neglected animals. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.
Thanks for your help! Thank you Esme for reminding me to post about this!


  1. I'll absolutely do this every day! Thanks for telling us about it!

  2. You got it, Amy! I'm headed there right now!

  3. I'm going there now! Thanks for letting me know about it. :)

  4. I've been to the site and will make a point to go every day. Thanks for the info.

  5. oh sure...wave those kittens in front of us.
    But I went and I clicked because I need to know more about Tupperware anyhoo...and it is a good cause. then there were those kittens.

  6. I love this site. I have it on my sidebar and I use it to offer an additional entry for those that click when I have a giveaway! Gotta feed them!

  7. There's a number of charities that do this and I think it's a great idea. It's easy and quick. Thanks for sharing the link, Amy!

  8. Thank you so much to all of you for going to the Animal Rescue Site. And thank you Esme for reminding me about this.
    Christine, that's a great idea to incorporate into a giveaway!
    Literary feline: I'm going to look into what other charities do this. It's so simple for us!
    You are all so great, thank you for stopping by!
    Betsy & Huxley woke up briefly & say Meow!
    ~ Amy