Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Salon 11.1.09

It's hard to believe another Sunday has come and almost gone! I am obviously getting old because I say and think things like "where does the time go?" lol Oh well, c'est la vie! I hope you all had a fun and spooky Happy Halloween! We had several trick or treaters this year which was great! I love to see all the children in their cute costumes. I watched several scary Halloween movies, love a good excuse to do that!

This week has been difficult adjusting to Daisy no longer being with us. I'm so used to seeing her around every corner and sitting with me wherever I am. I found a large stack of pictures that I forgot about - almost all of the cats, of course! - and there are some beautiful ones of Daisy. Belle is doing very well! She's living with a foster family now, with a woman who is a vet tech and knows how to care for her tail. She's on antibiotics and her tail is wrapped in a treatment and covered in a bandage. She's settling down, getting used to her new environment and is receiving lots of TLC.

Bob continues to come by daily for food and a comfy place to sleep. Yesterday there was a large shopping bag on the floor commandeered by Betsy after Scott came home with it after shopping. My cats adore big plastic bags to play and sleep in. Last night Bob saw the bag, made a bee-line for it and slept in it all night. He was very happy in the bag, his large head peeking out! Sadie continues to meow loudly and hiss at Bob every time he walks close to her, she has no fear! But Bob doesn't even notice Sadie, he continues walking past her as if she wasn't there - he is 3x the size of Sadie!

Most of the cats have a cold, it seems to be going around. Lots of feline sneezing and coughing around here. We might have to take a couple to the vet, such as Betsy and Dopey, if their colds linger another week. Hopefully they'll feel better in a couple of days.

I finished After by Amy Efaw and will be posting my review this week as well as my review of Still Life by Louise Penny. I'm really enjoying This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper and will finish it today or tomorrow. I'm going to read Cherries in Winter by Susan Colon this week and probably Stand the Storm by Breena Clarke.
I signed up for the Awesome Authors Challenge 2010 in
At Home with Books and I'm thinking about signing up for the Books to Read Before I Die Challenge at Bibliophile by the Sea. I have to come up with a good list!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a good first week of November! Start thinking Turkey =o)


  1. I'm getting old with you because I say the same things. Time just whizzes by these days.

  2. I've been wondering how you were feeling, it's such a difficult adjustment when you lose a pet. It sounds like everyone else is keeping you plenty busy!

    So good to hear that Belle is in good hands. No animal should have to go through what she did. She deserves a loving home.

    Enjoy your new reads and the rest of your Sunday!

  3. I am seriously considering that challenge "Books to Read Before You Die". I have quite a few on my shelves! BTW, I also have "This is Where I Leave You", and just loaned it to a friend to read. I have high hopes for that one! Have a great Sunday!

  4. Glad to hear that Belle is doing well. Hope your cats recover quickly from the sniffles. Enjoy your books.

  5. Your adjustment will take time. I hope that you find comfort in your happy memories with Daisy.

  6. It sounds like you had a quiet weekend. I am glad that you found some photos of Daisy, we would be happy to share the memories with you! Hope the cats get over their colds soon.

  7. So glad that you got to indulge in a scary movie fix as well. I just love a classic, scary flick. I don't care for the newer ones, too much blood and gore but the old stuff is great.

    It's been over a year and I still see my feline friend on the landing. After 17 years with him, he was definitely a part of my every waking moment so I know what you mean about expecting to see or hear Daisy. We visited a cat rescue and there was a cat that looked EXACTLY like my kitty. He had the same personality too but I'm just not ready.

  8. Sounds like you had a nice weekend-glad that you found some photos of Daisy-it is hard seeing all of the places where Daisy would be. You must be happy at having adopted out kitty to a good home.


  9. So Belle's tail WAS an injury!!!!! I'm glad she's healing and getting the TLC she deserves. Bob sounds like a trip! Our cats have always like bags, too.

  10. I know how hard it is for you at the moment without Daisy. I am thinking of you.

  11. It is so hard to adjust to having one of your kitties gone -- I still have times when I look around expecting Tuckers to be there -- and it's been years -- sigh. I'm really glad to hear that Belle is doing well though!

  12. bermudaonion: It really does! I made a Dr.'s appointment 5 weeks ago and I couldn't believe the doctor was booked so far ahead. It sounded like such a long wait...and then suddenly the day was here, I barely had a chance to blink!

    Willoughby: We really miss Daisy. She was such a fixture around the house, always beside one or both of us. It's good that the other cats are here to keep us busy. I've been looking at pictures I have of the cats and found many of Daisy, and the other cats too, that I haven't uploaded to the computer yet so I've been doing that.
    I'm so happy for Belle. She deserves a happy and loving home. I'll share the photos the foster family send us of Belle.

    Sandy: I'm jsut trying to come up with a list for that challenge. A lot of the books I want to be sure to read are heavy-duty but I don't want a challenge filled with books such as Proust so I have to figure it out. "This Where I Leave You" is very funny - and poignant, disturbing etc. It's a great read.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze: Thank you! Betsy and Dopey are feeling better so it's just one or two after that who are pretty under-the-weather, I can't wait until this cold is gone. I feel so bad when they sneeze 6 or 8 times in a row!

    Nicole: Of course, you're right. My husband and I have been sharing memories of Daisy and it really does help.

  13. Kathy: Thank you! I will post some of the photos soon. I have some other cat stories I want to share too. It was a quiet weekend and I have to say, I like that - time to read, watch movies... I hope you had a good weekend!

    Ti: Your cat lived a long and wonderful life with you but that makes it even harder to no longer have him with you. I imagine some days are better than others but the pain never completely disappears. You'll know the day you're ready for a new cat, if ever. Don't push yourself. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Esme: I know how well you understand my sadness at Daisy's passing. But I am thrilled with the pictures, It's great to have them
    We're so happy about Belle. I know in a month's time she'll be well settled in her new home and comfortable there.

    KathyA: I'm pretty convinced it was an injury although the vet says there's no way to be 100% sure. Bob is hilarious, very quirky & entertaining!

    Vivienne: Thank you so much. I appreciate your support more than I can say. Thank you for coming by and visiting :o)

    Marie: You understand then, thank you. I'm sorry about Tuckers. I know he had a wonderful home with you. I guess we never truly adjust to our lovely felines no longer being here. They just become such a part of us and our life, how could we ever forget them?
    Thank you for coming by and offering your support.

  14. Poor kitties! Everyone has a cold, just like people! I hope they are all feeling better soon and you won't have to make the trip to the vet. One of our three dogs is getting so old - he can't hear, can barely see and the kidney function isn't what it used to be, but he's a tough one! I don't think he knows the difference. Hope you have a great week!

  15. Sounds like a great weeked, but sorry for the poor kitty cats. Cats are tough though. It's not like you need to be worrying about a last will and testament for those cats!