Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Movies 10.4.10 The Supernatural!

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Today's movie theme is the Supernatural courtesy of Molly and Andy's friends Jehara. Share on your blog favorite movies with those witchy, surreal, psychic or alien happenings. After posting your list of movies link back to The Bumbles Blog. If you don't have a blog, post your movie picks in a comment at The Bumbles!

Love and Death (1975)
Beetlejuice (1988)
The Shining
Ghostbusters (1984)
The Witches of Eastwick (1987)
Alice (1990) Woddy Allen's movie loosely based on Federico Fellinni's Juliet of the Spirits (1965)
Practical Magic (1998)
The Sixth Sense (1999)
What Lies Beneath (2000)
The Others (2001)
The Ring (2002)


  1. How did I forget Beetlejuice?!

  2. So many good ones that you have mentioned. I'd love to see some of these again.

  3. Beetlejuice is a great choice - it's such a fun movie!

  4. That is a great list! I had to leave off The Shining because I mention it at least monthly for other things! The Ring is so freaking scary.

  5. We have a couple of matches! I've never heard of Love and Death, though. Great choices.

  6. that's a very scary list---thanks so much for stopping by today.

  7. Ghostbusters is a great pick! Fun movie too :)

  8. Some of my favorite movies in that list: Shining, Practical Magic; Sixth Sense --add Misery...LOL

  9. I especially enjoy your selection of The Witches of Eastwick - what a clever movie that was. Based on a book, right? Aren't they all ;0)

  10. The Sixth Sense was a terrific movie. People think of Bruce Willis as an action star, but he's so wonderful and gentle as the child psychologist. Thanks for reminding me.

  11. Ghostbusters would have been high on my list if I hadn't gotten stuck on Keanu Reeves :)

  12. LEE: I wrote so many comments to Monday Movie posts beginning with "How did I forget..." so don't feel bad. There are a lot more supernatural movies than I thought!

    KATHLEEN: That's exactly what I was thinking as I remembered the movies and listed them! Aside from The Shining & Ghostbusters which are both on TV periodically, I haven't seen most of these movies in a long time.

    SANDY: The Shining fits a lot of different categories. The Ring was/is a very scary movie. A lot of horror, thriller type movies make me laugh but this one frightened the heck outta me!

  13. BOLIYOU: I'm a little behind this week but I want to come by and check out your list! Love and Death is a Woody Allen movie, very good. Being from MY with a dad & now a husband who love Woody Allen's movies, I've seen most of his films!

    KAYE: Good to see you! Thanks, I tried to find some scary ones!

    LINDSAY: Ghostbusters has so many great lines. I've seen that movie so much I don't need to watch it while it's on now & I know what lines come next. Sad! lolol

  14. BIBLIOPHILE by the SEA: Oooo! Misery is a great movie, too bad it didn't really fit in here. I haven't seen it in a long time but Family Guy does a good spoof/copy of it!

    THE BUMBLES: Well, of course the most clever of movies are based on books, better books I'm sure! lol I didn't know The Witches...was based on a book for a long time!

    GAL HERSELF: Sixth Sense is one of the movies on my list I want to see again very soon. I've only watched it once & it was a really good movie. Nice to see Bruce Willis in a different kind of role.

    Stacybuckeye: Keanu gave you quite a few choices, though & although he doesn't do much for me, I know many women who would be happy to be stuck with Keanu &/are stuck on him! lolol

  15. Those are some great choices, Amy! Many of them I've seen and enjoyed over the years.