Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop 10.23.10

This morning I was reading my friend Esme's blog, Chocolate & Croissants, which I highly recommend for its wonderful mix of books and delicious food posts! One of her commenters had a picture of a beautiful cat. I clicked the cat and discovered a fantastic blog, Brian's Home and The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

Today, as part of the Pet Hop, I am featuring Sadie. She has graced my blog before but it's been a while. Sadie is little Ms. independant but loves to be around her humans even she acts like she couldn't care less. Sadie had a rough beginning but today she is healthy, happy & adorable!

Sadie likes to relax & nap frequently.....
Especially after reading the Sunday NY Times!

One of her favorite places to hang out is on the cable box....
Sadie sometimes nods off while sitting up & this happens...


  1. I think Sadie would get along well with out dog - she's all about sleeping and eating.

  2. It is amazing how cats can contort themselves and still sleep!