Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Movies: Dress Up!

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Halloween is coming which means lots of candy and great costumes! Costumes are also extremely important in film. The character's appearance is paramount to creating a believable setting and atmosphere. Costumes may define the character, transport the film to a specific time or era or permit the actor to shine while the background is barely noticed. Share on your blog movies whose costumes set just the right stage, linking your list back to The Bumbles Blog. If you don't have a blog, list your choices in the comment section of The Bumbles Movie post!

Immortal Beloved (1994)

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Little Women (1994)
The Natural (1984)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
Amadeus (1984)

The Godfather (1972)


  1. Fantastic movies! Some of my favorites :)

  2. The Godfather 1 and 2 will forever be on my top ten list of best films. Funny, I didn't even think about that for costumes but you are right, the tuxes and wedding scenes are great!

  3. I loved O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Amadeus - they're both great picks!

  4. Well of course I'm a fan of The Natural. I think O Brother is a fantastic choice for today though. All of the period pieces are fun to remember - though I must confess, sometimes the costumes in them are all that I end up enjoying!!!

  5. I loved the costumes for Marie Antonette. That is a beautiful movie!

    THanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

  6. LINDSEY: Thank you! A few of my favorite movies are in this list too!

    SANDY: The Godfather 1 & 2 are high on my favorite films list, too. The Godfather popped into my head suddenly bit I almost dismissed it thinking the actors wore regular clothes. But I decided to research it a bit anyway & looking at the photos I realized that what the actors were wearing was importamt to help emphasize their Italian heritage but even more, the Mob/Gangster look!

    BERMUDAONION: Those are 2 of my favorite movies on this list and generally. I love Immortal Beloved, too, even more than Amadeus but I'll watch either one anyday!

  7. THE BUMBLES: I completely agree. As I was compiling my list, it occurred to me that movies like Remains of the Day & Howard's End have very important costumes (I didn't put them on my list partly because I thought if I go down this road, when, with what film do I stop?!). Then I thought about some movies that I enjoyed only because of the costumes - Marie Antoinette, for the most part, is an example for me & The Age of Innocence is definitely one of these movies. I thought it had a great cast, too, but the movie didn't work for me aside from the dress & scenery. And I loved the book so the movie was very disappointing. "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" is one of my favorite movies, it always makes me laugh & it's pretty unique! I love the baseball uniforms in The Natural & they look comfortable, I'd love one to wear as PJs!!

    MARI: Yes! I could watch Marie Antoinette again & again for the costumes & the lavish decor and accessories. It's a wonderful film in that respect. Thank you for visiting my blog & commenting!

  8. I like this post. I have started watching movies again soon after I read a book. It is amazing how there seems to be a movie for all these great books!!!

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