Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW Giveaway!

This is an ARC of The Way Home by George Pelecanos that I won from Thoughts from an Evil Overlord on the condition that I offer it as a giveaway during BBAW. I am happy to do so. This will be my first giveaway. I wasn't aware of all of the giveaways the blogs offer during this week but I will be well prepared for next year!

Title: The Way Home
Author: George Pelecanos
ISBN: 978-0-316-15649-3
Pages: 323
Release Date: May 2009
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Genre: Literary Crime Fiction
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Summary: Hidden beneath the floorboards in a house he's remodeling, Christopher Flynn discovers something very tempting-and troubling. Summoning every bit of maturity and every lesson he's learned the hard way, Chris leaves what he found where he found it and tells his job partner to forget it, too. Knowing trouble when he sees it-and walking the other way-is a habit Chris is still learning.
Chris's father, Thomas Flynn, runs the family business where Chris and his friends have found work. Thomas is just getting comfortable with the idea that his son is grown, working, and on the right path at last. Then one day Chris doesn't show up for work-and his father knows deep in his bones that danger has found him. Although he wishes it weren't so, he also knows that no parent can protect a child from all the world's evils. Sometimes you have to let them find their own way home.

My brief review: This is not a thriller or a traditional whodunit but a story about a boy growing up, trying to find his way in the world and his place in his family. There is a crime committed in the course of the story but it is more of a vehicle to illustrate several points including that of the role and result of punishment as doled out by the juvenile justice system. Arguably for some it is a deterrence, but for others it is not.

At the heart of this novel is a father son relationship. It's a fractured relationship that was once strong and invigorating tfor father and son. Thomas Flynn and Chris love each other but lost respect for each other as Chris grew into a teenager and they are no longer able to communicate. Growing up is a difficult time in a young person's life. There are a myriad of pressures to contend with from parents, friends, school and society. Chris rebels against the rules, authority and his father's expectations. Poor judgment and stupid decisions made under the guise of being cool eventually land him in Pine Ridge Juvenile Detention. This might end up being one of the best things that happens to Chris. But not his dad. Thomas Flynn is too concerned with what the neighbors will think and too blind-sided by his determination to make Chris into the son he thinks Chris should be. But even after Chris sheds his bad boy image, starts working for his dad and maintains a low profile, Thomas isn't happy. Chris doesn't understand his father and finds it easier to stay away from his family despite wanting to be able to talk to his father. But he's also thinking about starting his own family.

The values and beliefs both Thomas and Chris hold tightly will be tested. They will be forced to reconsider their views of life, each other and human nature. Chris is still young and may be able to build a life he can be proud of that includes his mother and father.
Thomas needs to reconcile the things that desperately upset him and come to terms with life before it is too late. And father and son will soon realize how important are the small and large decisions you make for yourselves, your family and your friends. George Pelecanos has given us a captivating story about life and relationships and how the decisions we make in our own lives will effect the lives of those we love.
If you would like to win this copy, which is still in very good condition, please comment recommending a favorite book. Please include your email in the comment so I can contact you when the contest is over. This giveaway is not international, just U.S. and Canada. I'll accept entries until 9/20.
(I hope I did this right!)


  1. We need more international giveaways, kidding. It is fun just to read the review and this seems to be an intelligent and original take on the crime genre.

  2. My favourite book (right now) is Twilight by Stephane Meyer.
    Please enter my name in your draw. Thanks.

  3. A really good book I read a few months ago was The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

    Please throw my name in the hat for the drawing. It's great to celebrate BBAW.


  4. Great job Amy! I read "The Night Gardener" by Pelecanos and loved it. Several books that I enjoyed earlier this year was The Help, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and The School of Essential Ingredients! rnawrot at cfl dot rr dot com

  5. Terrific review, Amy! Like Sandy, I read The Night Gardener and from that moment on knew I had to read more by Pelecanos (he was also a writer on one of my most favorite crime drama TV shows, The Wire). I would love the opportunity to win a copy of this one.

    Let's see, a book I would recommend: No One You Know by Michelle Richmond. If you haven't read it, please do!

    literaryfeline AT gmail DOT com

  6. I would definitely recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Housseini. He is a fantastic author!
    joannelong74 AT gmail DOT com

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my interview! I'm pleased to "meet" you too. I love the name of your blog.

    To answer your question, I would second the recommendation for No One You Know by Michelle Richmond (which Wendy recommended above). I'd also recommend The Impostor's Daughter by Laurie Sandell, which is a graphic novel.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. I love the title of your blog and all the kitty pics. Don't forget to register your giveaway on the BBAW site so more people know about it. I just discovered it today.

    There are so many great books to recommend. I'm actually am going to recommend two and not because I'm having a giveaway on mybblog for them this week but because they are both first time authors, amazing gracious and friendly, their books are incredibly good and I want to help them get the word out. So I recommend King by Right of Blood & Might (YA genre) by Anna L Walls and A Circle of Souls (Mystery/Thriller genre) by Preetham Grandhi.


  9. I love your kitties!

    A book I just read that I would recommend is Wesley the Owl -- I'm blanking on the author but it's a really sweet book about an owl raised from babyhood.

  10. My favorite recent reads... East of Eden (been trying to read more classics), The Book Thief (YA), and I think my all time favorite is A Fine Balance.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  11. I highly recommend any of Jodi Picoult's books. My favourites were Nineteen Minutes and The Pact. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Sandy stole all my recent favs!

    OK, I will say Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. Although the one by the Greek fellow is good too...
    It contains cats! The Cooper one, not the Greek one.

  13. Books I've read recently and loved are: The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill and The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff.

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  14. Two recent good reads for me were The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block and The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny.

    booklogged AT gmail DOT com

  15. Most anything by Graham Joyce is a favorite with me..
    Dark Sister
    The Tooth Fairy
    Smoking Poppy

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  16. this looks great thanks for sharing minsthins at optonline dot net

  17. I love James Patterson books especially Sundays at Tiffany's

  18. I read How to Cope With Suburban Stress by David Gale. Its about a family who is falling apart and then their son goes missing. I recommend it.