Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Wonderful Blogs!

Today is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW). When I started my blog I wasn't aware of the extensive book loving & reading community of bloggers and blogs that exists in the blogosphere. I was thrilled when I discovered a large, supportive and enjoyable community of bloggers who read books, recommend them to each other, review many of the books they read, participate in varied discussions pertaining to books, post daily about various topics related to books and so much more. Several blogs were short-listed for awards as part of BBAW but there are many great blogs out there for your reading pleasure.
Here are a few I would like to highlight because they have been invaluable in helping me to acclimate and feel comfortable here.
Chocolate & Croissants. Esme is an intelligent, very well-read and sweet blogger with a blog that combines books and food! What could be better? Esme writes thoughtful, comprehensive reviews of a variety of interesting books hosts great giveaways, posts delicious recipes, many French origin as she loves all things French and has two adorable kitties. Esme reached out to me after reading a comment of mine and ever since she has helped me navigate the blogosphere and provided me with countless book resources and she's become a good friend.
Reading at the Beach. Vicki has answered countless questions from me about how to do this or that with my blog. Her blog overflows with book reviews and wonderful memes, numerous giveaways of great books and thoughtful posts. She is sweet and very patient and so willing to help. When I follow all of the great instructions she's given me, my blog will be big & beautiful!
A Lovely Shore Breeze. Caite has a wonderful, dry wit and occasional sarcasm that makes me laugh. Her blog contains great book lists, many interesting discussions on various book related topics and strong, thought-filled reviews. She's a fan of thrillers and crime fiction but is willing to give any book a chance even if the write up doesn't thrill her! Caite is also supports and loves lighthouses.
Missy's Book Nook. Missy's blog is full of light and fun. I always smile when I visit her blog. She has a wonderful list of books on her sidebar, writes terrific reviews on a variety of books and is full of positive energy. I'm always happy when I see her name in my comments. oh, yes! She loves cats!
Reading Extravaganza Lilly shares my love of words. She reads a wonderfully eclectic mix of books and I have learned to expand my tastes and try new genres through reading her blog. Lilly also loves quotes and posts some wonderful ones in her blog from a varied group of in remarkable human beings. I know I'll always find something intriguing and interesting in Lilly's blog. And she hails from my neck of the woods just a little farther down the road!
There are so many great blogs out there that I wish I could sit and visit them all day in and day out for as long as I choose but life doesn't work that way! A lot book bloggers have commented on many of my posts, particularly the reviews I've posted and other book-related posts and have made me feel welcome here and supported. I want to say Thank you! to those bloggers and to all of you for this wonderful community!


  1. I just love Caite, even though she does hate my Kindle! I haven't heard of the others, so I am off to check them out! Great list!

  2. Amy, you are the sweetest girl ever! I swear! What you wrote about my blog and my just made my day. Thank you.
    Also you really spotlighted some great blogs so I am doubly honored to be in such company.
    Thanks again Amy *hugs*

  3. Oh Amy...thank you! I was beginning to feel un-loved...(sniff sniff) :)

    I am glad that we have found each other's cat lovers need to stick together!

    Big Smiles, Big Hugs & lots of Kitty Kisses!

  4. You are revealing your generosity without realising it, thank you for the kind window into book blogs I was not aware of... God bless the readers, xxx

  5. Sandy, don't take my issues with the Evil Kindle

    Thank you Amy...and I don't even have a cat!
    I may have to get one now.

  6. Bloggerland IS a neat community, isn't it?

  7. visiting via BBAW. Thanks for sharing your reviews.

  8. Don't you love Missy's flashbacks to the 1980's?!

  9. New blogs to check out? I love it!