Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Doctor Sleep ReadALong: The Wrap-Up!


Doctor Sleep Read-a-long:  The Wrap-up!

Reading Doctor Sleep has been exciting, creepy and a good time over-all!  Thank you to Tif and Charlene for hosting a great read-a-long!

1. Before we started reading, we asked if you had any expectations for Doctor Sleep.  Did you get what you were hoping for out of the book?

Doctor Sleep met and exceeded my expectations.  I thought it would be a good story that I would enjoy reading. But it was more than that, it really was an excellent story with so many different layers, great characters and human, poignant moments, violent happenings and wonderful, bizarre magic & fantasy.  And it all worked together.  King did an excellent job of explaining Danny’s life after The Shining

2. Having finished the book, do you think having read The Shining is important for enjoying this one?

I don’t think it’s t all necessary to have read The Shining to understand or enjoy Doctor Sleep.  The first chapter here explains anything that needs explanation for readers unfamiliar with The Shining and gives new information for all readers, setting up the rest of the story.  King’s imagination boggles my mind.  The ideas and occurrences he comes up with are amazing.

3. In one word, one phrase, one sentence ... describe Doctor Sleep.

I think Doctor Sleep is all about Friendship and Trust. Danny is able to get his life back on track when he meets Billy who introduces him to the boss who helps him out.  And then there’s Dr. John who agrees to help.  Danny’s relationship with Abra is fantastic and it’s their connection and their trust in each other that assures they work well together.   We even see friendship and trust  in the True Knot until it becomes too crazy for many of them.

4. Anything else you feel like discussing about the end of the book?  Or, about the book as a whole?

One thing that took me by surprise, but I realized made perfect sense and worked within the story, was the blood connection between Danny and Abra. 

I appreciated King not ending Doctor Sleep with Rose’s death but showing Abra a little older struggling to cope with her powers and her anger.  So often books just end suddenly and I feel I’m left hanging with a zillion questions.  Doctor Sleep was better than that.

I’m also curious about the True Knot members who went off on their own.  Will they just die off like regular humans now.  I can’t imagine they’ll be able to get any steam. I also wonder how they’ll support themselves.


  1. The True Knot was lame. Their weakness when the measles hit was a bit much. I am hostile towards them. LOL. I just didn't see them as a threat and found it hard to believe that they could travel in these huge packs and rent out entire campgrounds without anyone caring or looking into the matter, considering they always paid in cash.

    King DOES boggle the mind though. His imagination is what keeps me coming back and although this was not a fave of mine, I still enjoyed the ride and seeing Dan as a grown-up.

  2. Though I wasn't all that into them in the beginning, I was fascinated by the True Knot by the end. I want to know more about their origins. As to those who split off... Tif and I were having a bit of back and forth in the comments of her post. I think the group has been growing weaker for some time... otherwise why did they never catch mortal diseases years ago? I find it hard to believe those who went off on their own will survive... but there's always a chance...

  3. This book exceeded my expectations too! I really like your point about how the book ends with Abra growing up and struggling with her anger. I love when characters have flaws, and someone who has seen what she has would definitely struggle with anger. I don't like everything tied up neatly at the end of a book, and this one didn't.

  4. That's a great point about friendship and trust! I think trust is something someone struggling with substance abuse is always going to have a hard time with, but without trusting others and having others trust him, Dan wouldn't have been able to help Abra.

  5. Thanks for joining in the read-along! It was so much fun, particularly for this book!

    Love that you mentioned Trust and Friendship! So good and sooooo true! :)